Beantown Bikes is satisfied with the quotation and agreed to the terms and conditions of the sale: Enterprise Resource Planning Course Work, MMU, Malaysia

University Multimedia University (MMU)
Subject Enterprise Resource Planning


  • Beantown Bikes is satisfied with the quotation and agreed to the terms and
    conditions of the sale. Therefore, as part of GBI’s entry requirement, you are
    required to generate a sales order (SO) based on the quotation using ### (your
    ID) as a customer reference.

(a) SO should contain all of the following but not be limited to:

✓ Customer number.
✓ Customer name.
✓ Customer Reference Number.
✓ Customer Reference date.
✓ Delivery date.
✓ Material details.
✓ Shipping details.

(b) Display the Sales Order generated number

  • Create a quotation that will be valid for 30 days from the current date.

(a) The quotation should include the followings:

✓ Customer details.
✓ Customer Reference Number.
✓ Customer Reference date.
✓ Valid from date.
✓ Valid to date.
✓ Delivery date.
✓ Material Details.
✓ Net value before discount.

(b) As a mark of gratitude for the long-term relationship with GBI, Beantown
Bikes get USD 60 discount on each ordered Men’s Off-Road Bike and an
additional discount of 6% of the net price for the complete purchase.

(c) Display Quotation generated number

  • Execute the central delivery document which identifies materials are to be shipped. Create each of the following:

(a) Completed Delivery Note for Sales Order document

(b) Outbound Delivery document number

  • Necessary materials are picked from storage and placed in a staging area where they can be packed appropriately. Create each of the following:

(a) The completed picking process.

(b) Outbound Delivery document number.

  • The final task in shipping is to Post Goods Issues in the ERP System which
    triggers processes in accounting. Screenshot the Post goods issue screen (change outbound delivery) and the message that appears after posting the Goods Issue.
  • The invoice will be sent to Beantown Bikes once the shipping process is completed. Create the customer invoice and screenshot the completed Billing page.
  • GBI cost accountant receives payment from Beantown Bikes. Create a receipt of payment with the generated document number.

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