BDB3024 In this era of advanced technology and the common use of internet platforms by society: Digital Business Group Project Assignment, MMU, Malaysia


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BDB3024 digital business Assignment

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  1. Introduction

In this era of advanced technology and the common use of internet platforms by society, online platforms are considered as one of the most effective ways of marketing and promoting products and services. We will be introducing our clothing online store branded “Eden”. The reason we choose to create a clothing online store is because the people nowadays are chasing after fashion and it most probably will be a good opportunity to start a clothing business.

The tagline of our store is “Style Meets Simplicity”. We understand the importance of quality and simplicity. We will be striving to deliver t-shirts that not only look good but clean and simple that are made with premium materials, ensuring comfort and longevity. We will be focusing on promoting our clothes, providing online delivery services, subscription service of our loyal customer, customisable t-shirt to meet our client preferences and also receiving feedback from customers. We will be creating an interactive website where customers are able to share their favourite looks or outfit, styling tips or posting with our clothes on reviewing our clothes on our online platform.

For our subscription services, subscribed users are given a discount for purchasing our product, early access for new collections and also exclusive deals for them such as seasonal deals and vouchers.

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For the customizable feature, customers are able to create a design of shirt to meet their own preferences but there will be extra charges for this service. With the help of our cutting-edge personalized t-shirt feature, elevate your wardrobe. By personalizing every item of clothing, customers can showcase their unique style. Select from an assortment of hues, typefaces, and illustrations to craft a t-shirt that personifies your individuality. Creating a personalized shirt for yourself or a one-of-a-kind present for a loved one can be made quickly and easily with our user-friendly customization tool.

For our feedback feature, customers are encouraged to provide feedback for us to continuously improve our products and services. This feature is very beneficial for a business allowing customers to share their thoughts and experiences. Interaction with customers are very crucial for us to enhance our services and improve the quality or fashion of our t-shirts to always keep on track with the latest trends.

Eden Clothing store is a place where fashion meets individuality. Simple and freedom to wear what you like. You can even shine in style with your own unique customizable t-shirt.

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