BAGB1023: You are required to prepare a Change Management Plan for the Company: Organizational Behaviour Assignment, UIU, Malaysia

University UNTAR International University (UIU)
Subject BAGB1023: Organizational Behaviour

Work in a group of four, assuming that you are a newly appointed Change Manager, and you are required to prepare a CHANGE MANAGEMENT PLAN for the Company. The objective of this plan is to achieve a HIGH-PERFORMANCE CULTURE behavior through the improvement of
the business, process, and people. Therefore, you are required to develop a framework and explain why high-performance culture is important to revamp the management standard and improve the Company’s performance.

1. You may refer to any other documents from the industry or through desktop search, site visit, library visit, webinar, coffee session, etc, however, it is compulsory to include your references in your appendix based on APA format.2. There is no specific template to be used, however, points will be given based on the acceptable standard to be produced by a degree-level student which required creativity, critical thinking, and CARE attributes in the writing process as stated in the rubric assessment.

3. Infographics, PowerPoint, anything can be accepted as your assignment. Imagine that you are preparing this for the top management of the Company, that will be the standard expectation of your submission.

4. Context, content, direction, and creativity are important. The plain assignment will be considered basic, with no effort and no commitment.

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