After many years that’s the Holy Grail that we’re finally starting to get traction on. We recognized in the 1990s that design: Advanced Strategic Management Case Study, ASB, Malaysia

University Asia School of Business (ASB)
Subject Advanced Strategic Management

After many years that’s the Holy Grail that we’re finally starting to get traction on. We recognized in the 1990s that design was the key, but we didn’t have the skill set in the environmental team to translate what we knew about environmental issues in a way that designers understood.

The word ‘holy grail’ simplistically implies that Nike treats this as a pinnacle for their business, and the fact that they finally get ‘traction’ would mean that they would have just embarked on this journey in 2009, the year the case is depicted. But what would be the central strategic issues that Nike would be confronting in their journey or quest for ecological achievement and what would those issues imply?

I draw your attention to some terms used repeatedly in Nike; where in the same para (as above), it clearly connotes this:

But now what you see with the Considered Index is that for the first time, we have a tool that helps designers make environmental choices about how they design their products.

We see this trajectory of eco-movement at Nike in other parts of the case namely on page 7 where it reads:

The goal for the Index was to create predictive metrics that would work uniformly across Nike’s varied footwear line.

Nike’s matrices and their indices are clearly attached in exhibit 2 onwards which tabled with precision the ecological goals that Nike wants to achieve

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