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This assignment PAD270 is aimed to meet the demand for theoretical and empirical discussion of Malaysian politics. Students will be exposed to a variety of theoretical perspectives that are commonly utilised to comprehend Malaysian politics. Those theoretical exposures allow students to discuss empirical components from important experts in Malaysian politics, both locally and globally, in the meantime. It is envisaged that students will be able to grasp and articulate the nature and characteristics of Malaysian politics by the end of this course.

The course will be taught through lectures and debates on selected political economics subjects such as socio-economic development, economic growth/underdevelopment, and foreign investment.

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This assignment is aimed at allowing UITM students to demonstrate their understanding of a particular topic in Malaysian politics. The content and structure of the assignment will be adjusted to suit the specific needs and abilities of each student. 

The course covers several areas of political issues in Malaysia including 

  • A brief history of modern Malaysia 
  • Political parties 
  • Ethnic policy 
  • Media 
  • Religion 
  • Law & Order 
  • Foreign Policy 
  • Constitutional & Legal Matters 
  • Governance 
  • Institutional Framework 
  • Political Process 
  • Election Process 
  • Role of Judiciary 
  • Role Of Parliament.

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Assignment Activity 1: Explain concepts and theories on political culture and landscape in understanding Malaysian Politics.

Political culture and landscape are two concepts that are often used in understanding Malaysian politics. This is because political culture and landscape are important in understanding Malaysian politics. Political culture is defined as a set of mental attitudes, values and patterns of behaviour that are shared by a group of people. In the same line, the political landscape is defined as the physical environment or the geographical area in which a group of people live. Political culture and landscape can be used to explain how people behave politically.

Political culture can be divided into two sub-categories, namely normative political culture and institutional political culture. Normative political culture refers to the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours held by citizens in society. Whereas institutional political culture refers to the laws, regulations and policies that govern society or government. A good example of normative political beliefs can be seen when we talk about Malay superiority. This belief is what makes Malays feel superior over other races such as Indians.

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Assignment Activity 2: Justify on suitable this for contemporary political

Malaysian politics is changing in nature and character. The political parties are now more democratic and the politics are more open to the public. It is also a very important issue that the politicians are devoting more time to politics than their work. Therefore, the students must understand the nature of Malaysian politics so that they can be able to discuss Malaysian politics from a theoretical perspective. The theories of liberalism, communism and socialism can be used as theoretical perspectives for understanding Malaysian politics in contemporary times.

In addition, the students will be introduced to the evolution of Malaysian politics from the colonial period until now. The students will also be introduced to some of the important political leaders in Malaysia. Therefore, the students need to understand Malaysian politics and these political leaders so that they can discuss Malaysian politics from an ideological perspective.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate autonomous learning through political culture and landscape in Malaysia

This course is designed to provide students with a better understanding of the politics in Malaysia. It also aims to introduce students to the political culture of Malaysia and the landscape of Malaysian politics, for them to have a better understanding of this society. This course seeks to foster critical thinking and independent research skills as well as facilitate students’ ability to identify and solve problems in social life. It is hoped that the course will enable students not only to have an updated understanding of the politics in Malaysia but also to become more informed about their own political culture and their political landscape.

Students will be able to understand the political culture and landscape in Malaysia through the study of its socio-political, legal, economic and cultural aspects. This will include a detailed analysis of the main political parties, election campaigns and the political system in Malaysia.

Students will be able to understand the general policies and programmes of political parties. Students will also acquire the capability to critically evaluate the political parties in Malaysia.

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