CTU211 Science and Technology in Islam UiTM assignment example Malaysia

This assignment CTU211 is an exploration of the ways in which Islam can contribute to the development of science and technology. Along with this exploration are Center for Science and Technology Education (CTU) students from my school who will be working on a project together. We will be using CTU’s campus to study Religion, Economics, and Mathematics within the context of scientific research. In addition, we will be studying Islamic Terms and Figures such as Sunnah, gadaa, tahta, al-fawadi deen, az-kalighat ash- sharia so that we may have a better understanding of the religious aspects of scientific research.

The main goal of assignment CTU211 UiTM is to promote scientific and technological education for all people through the use of Islam. This will benefit both the Muslims who can come into closer contact with scientists and machines, as well as the scientists and machines who will be in contact with Muslims. We aim to provide an environment where it is possible for people to share their knowledge and enjoy the benefits of science and technology.

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The assignment is a way for students to explore the ideas of science and technology in Islam. It can be a fun project to work on and use our resources as well as help us reach out to other students in the school system who may also be exploring these Same-sex relationships, working together towards a common goal. We believe that it is important for everyone to feel comfortable discussing these issues, whether they are personal or professional; we hope this assignment will help us accomplish this.

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Assignment Task 1: Meneroka konsep, ciri, matlamat, analisa kegemilangan serta etika sains dan teknologi Islam/Exploring the concepts, characteristics, goals, analysis of glory and the ethics of Islamic science and technology.

The Islamic science and technology concept includes the use of scientific research and development, as well as the sake of society through its manifestation in technological innovations. This comes into play in both public and private life, for example in the area of health, family life, education, and production. It also includes the development of new ways to communicate or connect with others.

Some of the distinguishing characteristics of Islamic science and technology include: the use of logic, mathematics, and other scientific concepts; the development of a strong understanding of divine design in human behavior; the use ofAura after death guidance; and the presence of mediums (wahhabism) and gods (al-Qaeda) to assistance humans in practical ways.

The goal of Islamic science and technology is to develop them into what they deserve. To this end, they must be explored and used in the best possible way, for the sake of mankind as a whole. The analysis of scientific and technological glory is an important task for the exploration of order and progress. It is necessary to explore all aspects of Islamic science and technology in order to gain a better understanding of them. This includes research intoock technology, electronic/mechanical engineering, computer Science, Anthropology, History, English Language & Literature, Peace Studies, World’s Fair Administration and Planner studies.

The ethics of Islamic science and technology involve taking these developments Polity for the benefit of all, under the dictum that knowledge is better than magic or wisdom without it. This does not mean using magic or hindsight when making decisions; it means using all available information at all times and for both personal and professional reasons.

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Assignment Task 2: Membentangkan kemukjizatan al-Quran dan al-Sunnah berasaskan sains dan teknologi/Presenting the miracles of the Quran and Sunnah based on science and technology

The term is used to describe the current state of research and development of technology that relies on scientific and artificial means to achieve results. This has been happening for a long time now, and the result has been that the miracles of the Quran and Sunnah have become more limited and vagaries. What is usually seen when looking at such miracles is that they are often reductionist in nature,ife-related,and generally focus on verifying what exists or being able to manifest things which have never existed before.

The miracles of the Quran and Sunnah are based on modern science and technology. For example, the Quran says that God’s prophets have never failed in their tasks, and this is consistent with the findings of scripture and history. Other miracles include God having power over life or death, ability to iris (glorification of alcohol), able to quicken time ( Competitors compare it to chronos ), and can do anything ( Buddhas ).

Assignment Task 3: Merumuskan aplikasi kaedah fiqh dan maqasid syariah dalam menangani isu kontemporari sains dan teknologi/Formulate the application of fiqh methods and syariah maqasid in addressing contemporary issues of science and technology

Fiqh is the practice of law in pursuing a system of beliefs that agrees with the Quran and Sunnah. It includes methods such as reason, logic, and analysis. These include systems of doctrine that agree with the Quran and Sunnat. Furthermore, they should be implemented into policies, procedures, and practices to address contemporary issues affecting science and technology. The use of fiqh is an essential step in addressing these problems.

The application of fiqh methods and syariah maqasid in addressing contemporary issues of science and technology is difficult to define without a definition of that method. However, some possible syariah maqasid might include: focusing on the needs of the individual person, meeting the need for assistance through government systems; helping people to evident their rights as well as his or her potential; managing expectations towards different activities or services within the society; protecting personal information; ensuring freedom from religious discrimination.

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