MKT420 Principles and Practice of Marketing Mix Assignment Case Studty UITM Malaysia

Marketing is a process of finding out the needs and wants of a group or population and then creating products or messages to suit those needs. Marketing aims to solve commercial problems for businesses (keepers) by meeting the consumers’ needs (seekers). The goal is to understand customer-focused social identity, which establishes what customers want without any consideration about what they should want. This drives providers by establishing their objectives; because marketing aims at looking after customer interests in society–keeping them satisfied, keeping them loyal–it’s considered one of the most important functions in business sectors like retail trade and service departments.

Product managers play a critical role in marketing by ensuring that products meet customer needs. They work with design teams to create new products, and then test them with focus groups to get feedback. They also work with sales and marketing teams to develop advertising and promotional materials. In order to stay competitive, product managers must constantly assess the competition and keep up with new trends.

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Many companies have adopted a customer-centric approach to marketing, which means that they focus on understanding the needs and wants of their customers. This can be done through market research, which involves studying consumer behavior and preferences. Companies can then use this information to develop products and services that meet the needs of their customers.

The case study of ASUSTeK Computer Incorporation is an illustrative example of how a good old fashion marketing plan can take you from beginner to professional in no time at all.

The company’s name might be unfamiliar, but its products are not: they provide hardware that powers many different kinds of tech devices including motherboards and graphics processing units (GPUs). In fact-the first PCs were built with their CPUs back when Apple had yet even invented Steve Jobs who would go on to change American lifestyles everywhere we look by making computers personal again!

Introduction- ASUSTeK Computer Incorporation

ASUSTeK Computer Incorporation is one of the world’s largest PC producers, after Lenovo and Dell. The four founders—Mr Tung Hung (Ted), Ted Hsu ex-Acer engineer; Wayne Hsieh & Mario Liao formerly with Acer hardware engineers-brought their experience from previous work to form this start-up in 1989. These men were inspired by Greek mythology’s Pegasus when creating a name for their newest venture which became Asus or ‘ ASUS’ as we know it today. Their products have received rave reviews from consumers, experts alike for their high quality as well as innovative design that never gets old or boring to use.

In 2008 Taiwan Top 10 Global Brand survey rankings Asus placed first with total brand value at USD $1.3 Billion – a number not too shabby considering they were only on this list because some other big brands like Apple (#2) had higher revenue figures than them!. By 2015 though it seems like anything is possible when you’re an ASUS fan since by then The Taiwanese company’s total brand value increased to $4.2 Billion! The survey did not include Apple in 2015 but it did state that Asus had the second-highest rise of any brand globally and remains Taiwan’s most powerful brand despite a drop from 2014’s #1 position.

The company currently enjoys a large amount of success. They are able to do so because they have many successful marketing strategies and always satisfy their customers with high-quality products, which is why the consumers still come back for more! As such an established brand in this industry, today has its own market analysis team that can tell who will buy from them as well – though it’s not something most companies would ever think about doing unless absolutely necessary or else risk losing out on sales altogether by targeting people other than those interested enough already (and hey now there’s no need).

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is the process that companies use to divide large diverse markets into small market segments. Market Segments are divided based on four different criteria: geographic, demographic psychographic behavioural trends in order for them to be more efficient and successful with their products or services matching those needs. The success of Asus was helped by its ability to determine where each specific customer could best fit within these categories which determined how they marketed themselves accordingly – using both digital channels like social media platforms as well traditional methods such as advertising campaigns across print magazines at night times when people would normally watch TV but not pay much attention unless there’s something exciting happening on-screen.

Geographic segmentation has been the go-to for many companies who want to reach customers in different regions of the world. Asus, with its over 400 service partners worldwide and 50+ sites across 32 countries is no exception. The company uses geographic segments as they place their stores at strategic locations around each region so that it will be easy enough to find one near you.

The Asus stores are located at urban areas, which is where the company’s target audience lives. This makes sense because people with high economic status use gadgets for work and so on in cities compared to rural towns or suburbs that don’t have as many tech-savvy residents who might need products like these

A good example of how this works would be when we visited an Apple store one weekend before Christmas last year (I think). All around us there were teens browsing through their phones looking over new games while dads checked out laptops CBS News video Gameroom.) Asus knows that its products are not the only ones in the market and that it needs to compete with other brands, so they focus on demographic segmentation.

The Asus store in Malaysia is located at Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Selangor. These cities are mostly inhabited by good reputation high-rate people who need gadgets such as smartphones or personal computers for their daily use and work use too.

For example, the Asus store at Aman Central is often visited by people with high economic status and working people to buy their products. Besides that location of anas stores are in cities that attract more customers because they can easily promote themselves on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram while advertising the sale items available within your retail outlet without having any difficulty finding it due to its prime positioning right outside major tourist attractions such as monuments/places of worship. This is why Georgetown too has a branch of Asustore where tourists who need fixing could go if broke anywhere else since the Georgetown area is primarily known for being an attractive destination not only among locals but also international visitors on their holiday or business trip.

Market Targeting

Target markets are to identify and describe whom or which group of people the company wants to sell its products to. A target market also consists of an important set of buyers who share common needs or characteristics for any given business decision about what they will offer in response, based on research into customer tastes at a large scale among social aggregates like Facebook demographics. This is an important thing to do because this sales and marketing effort can connect with customers. Asus, the multinational computer hardware company has their target market which includes both consumers as well as businesses who are looking for high-quality IT products that suit their needs in terms of performance and price range.

Asus, like many other companies, have divided the market into groups based on variables such as age and gender. They target their products towards people with high income; those in occupations that use electronic gadgets for workstations or education level-because they are targeting demographics within countries

Asus operates around 50 service sites across 32 countries (there’s an Asus store near you!) In this country alone there is one major difference: some customers can afford luxury items while others cannot. As Asus is an international company, their product range varies around the world too. If you are in New York, you will find the Zenbook selling for $1,200; this price fluctuates up or down depending on currency exchange rates.

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Asus has a range of smartphones for every type and budget. For example, the Asus Nova is perfect if you’re a university student who needs to do your assignments on the go without spending too much money out-of-course it also comes with some useful features like wifi hotspot capability so as long as there’s coverage in any area then this device will work great! The company also makes laptops that are made specifically with office workers in mind while still being powerful enough to take care of day-to-day tasks such enterprises require from them personally at home or over Skype when away from the office. All in all, ASUS provides an impressive array of options for everyone- regardless of what you need your technology to do for you.

It’s no wonder that Asus is a popular brand name in the gaming industry. They offer laptops, smartphones and personal computers for gamers of all shapes and sizes with prices to fit any budget – whether you’re looking at an expensive smartphone or high-end laptop! The variety within their product line will make it so anyone can find something they like on sale; this makes loyal customers out tough competitors quickly since there are always deals around every corner from time immemorial.

Market Positioning

Market positioning is the way a product brand stands out from its competitors. Asus Company uses “in search of incredible” to demonstrate that their products are always being improved with quality, and it makes them very highly recommended for use because users appreciate new technology when they see how much effort has been put into creating something ahead-of-the game.

Market Positioning defines what consumers think about your business based on attributes such as price or location. It is important to understand what Market Positioning you would like your business to have, as it will dictate the type of marketing and advertising that you need to do in order to get consumers thinking about your product in a certain way.

Ever since the inception of Asus, they have been known for their top-of-the-line products that are based on customer needs and satisfaction. Most people think about powerful motherboards or hardware when discussing this company because those items tend to last longer than others in terms of test conditions like overheating or crashing etcetera. The younger generation nowadays, however, might be more inclined towards gaming which could account for why so many kids love playing games such as Skyrim where graphics processing is key; there’s nothing worse than having your graphics glitch out while you’re trying to play online with friends.

Asus has been the leading gaming brand for years now, and they continue to innovate in powerful products. These innovative ROG by Asus components have been shown time after time as being among the best out there – which is why it’s so easy for them bessell where gamers need their gear!

The company has even taken things one step further with both hardware production (making sure no piece falls short) and component design/ engineering; making certain every aspect matters when you buy a product made under these terms will get your order shipped right away. Asus is also in search of incredible customer service which can be seen through the various support channels they have in place. If you visit their website, there are tabs for “downloads” as well as “service & support”. Asus has a team of people who are always willing to help users with whatever questions or problems they might have, and they even have chat-online options available. This is incredibly helpful for users who are not comfortable calling into the helpline, or those individuals who want to find answers on their own time rather than wait for someone to talk to them over the phone. Asus has done an amazing job with positions itself as a leader in computer hardware and components; this is one company that will continue to improve as time goes on.

The advertisement of Asus products in televisions, radios and newspapers had made their positioning stronger. For example, the launching videos that are created with gaming theme promote this brand to more people who are interested in using them for personal computers setup which led many gamers or YouTubers gave good reviews about its quality making trust grow even further between these customers when they were looking at other brands considering options but found themselves choosing none compared so now only love what is best Asus

In addition after all those advertisements online such as YouTube where there was a strong push from an ad agency promoting Asus laptops over any other device because he felt confident enough just having watched a one-minute long video on why buying through him would make his life easier in the long term, his friends joined in and did the same.

And even if there are negative reviews Asus stands out because it’s very responsive to complaints and tries to make things right, furthermore, they’re quite active on social media which helps them keep track of what people are saying about their products. So customers feel appreciated and like their voice is being heard since it seems Asus genuinely cares.


Marketing is a very complex and challenging task for any company, but it’s even more difficult when your competition has strong advertisements that are just as good if not better than what you can put out. Asus’ weaknesses in marketing have been due to them neglecting TV commercials or radio spots during times where they should be advertising their new products on these mediums because many people don’t know about those things until after they come out – which means decreasing sales of Asus goods overall; this will continue unless steps are taken into improving its current strategies through implementing some fresh ideas like research + observation sessions at various points throughout all phases/phases within the product life cycle.

Despite Asus’ current market share and well-known brand name, they’ve been struggling as of late to maintain their stature in the PC industry due to stiff competition from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and others; this has caused Asus to hemorrhage revenue and market share – not a good position to be in when you’re trying to gain market share back.

One of the most important aspects when running a business is marketing. Asus needs to improve their advertisements by advertising new products and announcements on online platforms like social media because nowadays people spend most of their time on these sites which can make more people aware about what they’re selling- attracting with it through increased exposure as well! The conclusion here couldn’t be any clearer; just do whatever you want (or have) something that would benefit from some good old fashioned ‘marketing’, no matter how small or big – all will contribute towards strengthening our efforts together.

We should find the best strategies and techniques for marketing by doing research into our target market. This is because it’s important to know your customer, not just their needs but also what they value most in a product or service provided. Companies like Asus are always seeking out new ways of reaching customers with marketing campaigns- even though many have been successful so far!

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