BTW2213 Malaysian Company Law Assignment Sample

The BTW 2213 Malaysian Company Law course will focus on the law relating to corporate governance in Malaysia. It begins with an introduction of good practices for directors and board members, what they should know about their jobs as well as how independent auditors can help create positive outcomes for companies through sound financial management skills that are required by local laws; there’s also an exploration into company disclosure obligations which keeps shareholders informed so they make better decisions when voting at annual general meetings (AGMs). The sample concludes with ways governments can enforce these rules effectively – all while ensuring transparency between stakeholders like investors who rely heavily upon it!

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BTW 2213 Malaysian Company Law Assignment Task

By the end of this group assignment, you will be able to:

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Assignment Task 1: Define the concept of companies as legal entities

Legal entities are entities that have the rights of individuals, but obligations are attached. An example of a legal entity is a company. A company has all the responsibilities and consequences of individual ownership, tax consequences, and other liabilities while not being personally liable for any mistakes made within the business or debts incurred by employees through salaries, hobbies, or other reasons.

One benefit a legal entity possesses is freedom from the risk associated with mistakes made by owners, so this would mean any problems stem from hiring staff rather than from decisions owners make themselves. In spite of this disadvantageously depending on other people’s decisions in some ways, companies often gain strength in numbers which can result in benefits such as economies-of-scale and financing possibilities because investors may be more willing to give money to a company that has already been successful in the market.

Assignment Task 2: Explain the significance of companies as entities for carrying on business in Malaysia

Multinational and international corporations and businesses have a special legal status in Malaysia. Malaysian legislation provides for the establishment of foreign companies to be set up as offshore holding, local or regional operating entities in different industries such as law firms, banking, information technology among others. It is also possible to undertake international trading transactions through these entities such as purchasing raw materials from overseas suppliers and selling finished goods abroad.

In Malaysia, one can easily set up a company as long as an incorporation fee is paid to the Registrar of Companies. The purpose of setting up a company should be for trading or business activities and not for personal benefits or any other purposes such as investment in shares.

Assignment Task 3: Identity and critically evaluate how Malaysian legislation and relevant case law affects the internal and external regulation of companies

The Malaysian legislation and relevant case law affect the internal and external regulation of companies, encouraging fair competition by discouraging anti-competitive behaviors such as price-fixing, collusion, and restraint on trade.

Many economies regulate trade through legislation including Malaysia’s Competition Act 1994 to prohibit unfair practices such as cartels (anti-competitive agreements), collusion (direct or indirect cooperation between competitors with a view to hinder or eliminate competition in an area of economic activity), and monopoly power abuse. The reason for these laws is that they impose costs on society while bringing no benefit while adversely affecting welfare either by restricting output, distorting prices, or improving product quality.

Such conduct often reduces the competitive process in markets owing to mote efficiencies usually conferred by competition. These are examples of restraints on trade, which are forbidden by the Competition Act 1994 so far as they apply to the sale or purchase of goods or provision of services within Malaysia.

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Assignment Task 4: Demonstrate an awareness of corporate legal theory and law reform

The legal theory and law reform affect the internal and external regulation of companies. Internal Regulation includes issuances by independent governance councils or oversight committees that address corporate-specific legislation such as bribery, commerce, stock trade (exchanges), accounting rules, shareholder meetings (Friday), and SEC reports. External Regulation encompasses broad-reaching public laws such as anti-trusts which protect free markets from monopolies, environmental legislation that protects the planet’s resources in place for future generations, and proposed legislation in Washington proposed by Democrats to change how corporations can spend money in campaigns and influence elections for politicians and judges alike.

The Malaysian legal theory and law reform are affected by corporate social responsibility issues. The role of the company in society is growing for companies are now expected to contribute to nation-building, promote social inclusion, develop new products or services with commercial applications for both emerging and developed markets, reduce environmental impacts of its production processes and supply chains, among many others.

Assignment Task 5: Critically evaluate the effectiveness of aspects of corporate law in the context of the changing needs of the community

The main change in corporate law now is that there have been three large waves of dissolution consolidated by the populace for a cleaner, quieter society. In 2062, the U.S. dissolved all corporations as a result of pollution and global warming becoming too much to bear. In 2236, private companies decided to dissolve themselves for greater control over their product and leave public markets behind. And finally, in 2529, nations became self-sufficient economies and reexamined how much they need from other countries at any given time.

For a company to be successful because it has power from its community or from government incumbency can be very interesting because it still allows for companies with huge social investments without the need of maximizing profit right away or within a short time. Companies don’t need to be nationalized and can exist on their own with adequate tax support for infrastructure and social development.

Assignment Task 6: Apply critical thinking, problem-solving and presentation skills to individual and/or group activities dealing with corporate law

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are invaluable tools for any employee. In today’s age of downsizing, more jobs have been cut from the top down rather than given to those on the lower rung. These days, promotions come from within so it is essential to think of jobs as opportunities for advancement both immediately and in the long-term realm. Even an entry-level job can provide a small company with invaluable insights into how workflows through every department – what could be better training for a future director or senior executive?

Talk about each skill listed above separately then use a final sentence that ties all the skills together.

It is critical that you think critically when trying to solve problems in order to produce results rather than complain and point out problems without offering solutions. Most people complain when things don’t go their way but if you take time to actually come up with a solution, the customer is more positively disposed towards your company. Whether it’s via email or letter, a complaint can be aimed at someone in a leadership position who will probably have a loss of respect for one who is constantly complaining.

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