BSS562 Costing And Estimating II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSS562 Costing And Estimating II course is a continuation of the costing and estimating course series. It is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare cost estimates for construction projects. The course covers a variety of topics, including project management, risk management, and cost estimation.

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In this section, we describe some assignment outlines. These are:

Assignment Outline 1: Identify cost implication of building design variables with give advice on the implication of site and design variables on the life cycle costing of building.

There are several design variables that can have significant cost implications for a building project. Some of the key design variables that can affect the cost of a building project are:

  1. Building Orientation: The orientation of a building can have a significant impact on its energy consumption. A well-designed building should be oriented to maximize natural light and minimize solar heat gain.
  2. Building Envelope: The building envelope is the physical barrier between the interior and exterior of the building. It includes elements such as walls, windows, and roofs. The design of the building envelope can impact the energy efficiency of the building.
  3. Mechanical and Electrical Systems: The selection of mechanical and electrical systems can have a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of the building. The selection of these systems should be based on the specific needs of the building.
  4. Material Selection: The selection of building materials can impact the durability, maintenance requirements, and overall life cycle cost of the building. It is important to select materials that are appropriate for the building’s intended use and environment.

Site variables such as climate, topography, and soil conditions can also have a significant impact on the cost of a building project. For example, building in an area with high seismic activity may require additional structural reinforcement, which can increase construction costs. Similarly, building on a sloping site may require additional excavation and foundation work.

Design variables and site variables can also impact the life cycle cost of a building. Life cycle costing takes into account the total cost of a building over its entire lifespan, including construction, operation, and maintenance costs. A building that is designed to be energy efficient and durable will have lower operating and maintenance costs over its lifespan, which can offset any additional upfront construction costs. Therefore, it is important to consider both the upfront construction costs and the long-term life cycle costs when making design and site decisions for a building project.

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Assignment Outline 2: Explain and interpret drawing with clear specifications for measured item.

Drawing is a visual representation of an object or idea created through lines, shapes, and symbols. To create a drawing with clear specifications for a measured item, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Define the purpose of the drawing: Before starting the drawing, it is essential to know why you are creating it. This will help determine what information needs to be included in the drawing and the level of detail required.
  2. Determine the scale: The scale of the drawing refers to the ratio of the size of the drawing to the actual size of the object being depicted. It is important to determine the scale before starting the drawing to ensure that all measurements are accurate.
  3. Use appropriate symbols: Symbols are used in drawings to represent objects or ideas. It is important to use the appropriate symbols for the item being measured to ensure clarity and accuracy.
  4. Label all measurements: All measurements should be labeled clearly to avoid confusion. The labels should be easy to read and placed close to the measurement they represent.
  5. Use precise lines: The lines in a drawing should be precise and clear to convey accurate information. Different line types, such as solid, dashed, or dotted lines, can be used to represent different features of the item being measured.
  6. Include a legend: A legend is a key that explains the symbols and abbreviations used in the drawing. It is important to include a legend to ensure that the drawing is easily understood by others.

Interpreting a drawing with clear specifications for a measured item involves understanding the purpose of the drawing, the scale used, the symbols and labels used, and the precision of the lines. By understanding these elements, one can accurately interpret the drawing and gain a clear understanding of the item being measured.

Assignment Outline 3: Measure demolition and alteration works, finishes, underpinning, shoring and temporary works with Computer Aided Measurement with analyze prices off the measured item.

Computer Aided Measurement (CAM) is a software-based system that allows construction professionals to accurately measure the quantity and cost of various construction elements such as demolition and alteration works, finishes, underpinning, shoring, and temporary works. The CAM system can be used to analyze prices off the measured item, making it an invaluable tool for cost estimation and project management.

The process of using CAM involves the following steps:

  1. Input the project drawings or plans into the CAM software.
  2. Select the construction elements to be measured, such as demolition and alteration works, finishes, underpinning, shoring, and temporary works.
  3. Use the software to measure the quantities of each construction element.
  4. Analyze the prices off the measured items to determine the cost of each construction element.
  5. Generate a report that details the quantities and costs of each construction element, which can be used for cost estimation and project management.

CAM software can save construction professionals a significant amount of time and effort compared to manual measurement methods. It also reduces the risk of human error, which can result in inaccurate cost estimates and project delays.

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