BSR406 Building Control I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSR406 Building Control I course is an incredible opportunity to gain knowledge of the basics of energy control systems in buildings and structures. In this course, students receive comprehensive instruction on the fundamentals of line voltage control, low-voltage control, lighting controls, motor applications and safety.

With a variety of hands-on experiences integrated into the curriculum, students also benefit from skill-building activities around basic commercial HVAC controls and industrial process loop algorithms. This class provides future builders with a thorough understanding to identify how these two fundamental concepts can be applied for convenient building control.

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Assignment Activity 1: Identify the principle of Malaysian legal system and the structure, roles and functions of local authorities in Malaysia.

The Malaysian legal system is based on the common law system, which is a legal system derived from the English legal system. However, the Malaysian legal system is also influenced by Islamic law, as well as the customs and traditions of the various ethnic and cultural groups that make up Malaysia.

The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of Malaysia, and it outlines the structure of the government, the powers of the federal and state governments, and the rights of individuals. The federal government is divided into three branches: the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary.

Local authorities in Malaysia are responsible for managing and administering local areas, including towns, cities, and municipalities. There are two types of local authorities in Malaysia: city councils and municipal councils. City councils are responsible for managing cities, while municipal councils are responsible for managing smaller towns and rural areas.

The roles and functions of local authorities in Malaysia include:

  1. Providing basic services such as garbage collection, street lighting, and maintaining public spaces such as parks and public toilets.
  2. Planning and managing land use and development, including regulating building codes and issuing permits for construction.
  3. Enforcing local by-laws and regulations, such as zoning regulations and parking regulations.
  4. Collecting local taxes and fees, such as property taxes and business licenses.
  5. Promoting economic development, such as attracting new businesses to the area and promoting tourism.
  6. Providing community services, such as recreational facilities, community centers, and libraries.
  7. Responding to emergencies and providing public safety services, such as firefighting and emergency medical services.

Overall, local authorities play an important role in ensuring the well-being of communities in Malaysia and promoting local economic development.

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Assignment Activity 2: Interpret the current building plan approval process and the completion certification process of Malaysian Local Authority.

In Malaysia, the building plan approval process and the completion certification process are both overseen by the local authority, which is responsible for ensuring that all buildings are constructed in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

The building plan approval process typically involves several steps. First, the building owner or developer must submit their building plans and other relevant documents to the local authority for review. The local authority will then conduct a thorough assessment of the plans, checking to ensure that they meet all relevant regulations and standards, and may request additional information or modifications if necessary. Once the plans are approved, the building owner or developer will be issued with a building permit or development order, which allows them to begin construction.

During the construction process, the local authority will conduct regular inspections to ensure that the building is being constructed in compliance with the approved plans and relevant regulations. Once construction is complete, the building owner or developer must submit a completion application to the local authority. The local authority will then conduct a final inspection of the building to ensure that it meets all relevant regulations and standards, and if it does, will issue a certificate of completion. This certificate is required in order for the building to be occupied or used.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate the principles in building plan process to conform to the Malaysian legislation and local authorities requirement.

The process of building plan approval in Malaysia involves several principles to ensure compliance with the local legislation and authorities requirements. Here are the steps and principles involved in the process:

  1. Site Analysis: The first step in the building plan process is to analyze the site where the building is to be constructed. The site analysis involves studying the site’s location, the topography of the area, soil type, and environmental factors like wind, rain, and sunlight.
  2. Concept Design: After analyzing the site, the next step is to develop a concept design that meets the building owner’s requirements and the local authority’s regulations. The concept design must include the building’s size, shape, layout, and functionality.
  3. Architectural Design: The architectural design phase involves developing detailed drawings and plans that show the building’s design, materials, and construction methods. These plans must conform to Malaysian legislation and local authorities’ requirements, such as the Uniform Building By-Laws (UBBL) and the Street, Drainage, and Building Act 1974.
  4. Engineering Design: The engineering design phase involves designing the building’s structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems. These systems must meet the requirements of the relevant authorities, such as the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and the Energy Commission.
  5. Submission of Plans: Once the plans are complete, they must be submitted to the local authorities for approval. The submission must include all the necessary documents, such as the site analysis report, concept design, architectural design, and engineering design.
  6. Review and Approval: The local authorities will review the plans to ensure that they comply with Malaysian legislation and local authorities requirements. If there are any issues, the authorities may request revisions or additional information. Once the plans are approved, a building permit will be issued, allowing construction to commence.
  7. Construction: During the construction phase, the building must be constructed according to the approved plans and the local authorities requirements. Regular inspections will be conducted to ensure compliance.
  8. Completion and Handover: After construction is complete, a final inspection will be conducted, and a certificate of completion will be issued. The building can then be handed over to the owner, who must obtain a Certificate of Fitness (CF) before occupying the building.

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