BSB270 Measurement And Estimating II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB270 Measurement and Estimating II is a course that focuses on developing skills in measurement and estimating for construction projects. The course covers a range of topics including quantity surveying, project cost estimation, pricing strategies, and contract administration. The course is typically aimed at students pursuing a degree or diploma in construction management, civil engineering, or related fields.

Overall, the BSB270 Measurement and Estimating II course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in measurement and estimating for construction projects. The course is typically delivered through a combination of lectures, tutorials, and practical exercises, and students may be required to complete assignments and exams to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts covered in the course.

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In this section, we describe some assignment outlines. These are:

Assignment Outline 1: Identify the bill of quantities application and their uses including bill writing process.

A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is a document used in construction projects that itemizes the materials, parts, and labor needed to complete the project. The BOQ is used to create a cost estimate for the project, which is used for budgeting, tendering, and project management purposes.

Here are some common applications and uses of a BOQ:

  1. Tendering: The BOQ is used to provide a detailed breakdown of the costs of a construction project to potential contractors who are bidding for the project. This enables contractors to provide accurate and competitive quotes for the work.
  2. Cost estimating: The BOQ is used to estimate the total cost of a construction project, including all materials, parts, and labor required to complete the project.
  3. Project management: The BOQ is used to manage the costs of a construction project by tracking the actual costs against the estimated costs.
  4. Billing: The BOQ is used to create invoices for the work completed on a construction project.

The process of writing a bill of quantities typically involves the following steps:

  1. Review the project plans and specifications to understand the scope of work.
  2. Identify all of the materials, parts, and labor required to complete the project.
  3. Quantify each item by measuring or estimating the quantity required.
  4. Price each item using current market rates or supplier quotes.
  5. Calculate the total cost of the project by summing up the costs of all the items.
  6. Present the BOQ in a clear and organized format, including item descriptions, quantities, and prices.

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Assignment Outline 2: Evaluate and do measurement for superstructure works including demolition and alteration works using Malaysian Standard Method of Measurement , 2nd Edition (SMM2).

The SMM2 is a widely used standard method of measurement in Malaysia for construction works. It provides guidelines for measuring and quantifying construction works, including superstructure works, in a consistent and standardized manner. The SMM2 is also used to evaluate and price variations, alterations, and demolition works.

To use the SMM2 for measuring superstructure works, including demolition and alteration works, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Review the contract drawings and specifications to determine the scope of work required for the demolition and alteration works.
  2. Identify the specific items of work that need to be measured, including the quantities of materials required, labor hours needed, and equipment necessary.
  3. Use the appropriate unit of measurement, as specified in the SMM2, for each item of work.
  4. Measure the quantities of materials required, labor hours needed, and equipment necessary using appropriate measurement techniques, such as direct measurement, area calculation, or volume calculation.
  5. Record the measurements in the appropriate sections of the SMM2, including the relevant work item, description, and measurement units.
  6. Calculate the cost of the work using the rates provided in the SMM2 or the agreed-upon contract rates.
  7. Summarize the measurements and costs in the bill of quantities, which is a document that lists all the items of work required for the project.
  8. Use the bill of quantities to price the variations, alterations, and demolition works required, including any additional or deducted items of work.
  9. Review and verify the measurements and calculations to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Assignment Outline 3: Analyze prices of finishes, timber and steel works.


The prices of finishes can vary widely depending on the type of material and the quality of the finish. Some common finishes include paint, wallpaper, flooring, and tiling. The prices of these materials can be influenced by factors such as the availability of raw materials, production costs, and market demand. In general, prices for finishes tend to be cyclical, with prices rising during periods of high demand and falling during periods of low demand.


The prices of timber can also fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. The availability of raw materials, transportation costs, and market demand are some of the main factors that can affect timber prices. In addition, environmental regulations and sustainability concerns can also have an impact on the price of timber. Generally, prices for timber have been increasing over the past several years due to a combination of increased demand and supply chain disruptions.


The prices of steel works can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the price of raw materials such as iron ore, energy costs, and transportation costs. In addition, changes in government policies, such as tariffs and trade agreements, can also have an impact on the price of steel. Like timber, prices for steel have been rising over the past few years due to a combination of factors such as increased demand and supply chain disruptions.

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