BQS401 Measurement Of Construction Works I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BQS401 Measurement Of Construction Works I course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles and methods used in calculating the dimensions and quantities of materials used in building construction works. Through this course, students will take a deep dive into the Measurement System and use their knowledge to accurately sum up the quantities required for specific projects. With practical activities exploring the different aspects of measurement, this course aims to equip students with the necessary skills to confidently measure building works.

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In this part, let’s explore the different assignment activities we can do. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate ability to measure quantities based on principles of measurement for selected building elements with good basic theories and practices of quantity surveying.

As a professional quantity surveyor, it is important for me to demonstrate an ability to measure quantities based on principles of measurement for selected building elements with good basic theories and practices of quantity surveying. When I encounter these types of elements, I use a number of methods to establish the exact volume or size of the element.

These methods include using classical calculations, using architect’s plans and diagrams in order to calculate the measurements accurately and efficiently, as well as using prototyping or constructing sample elements and then take measurements from that. I also must apply relevant regulations and technical know-how when applying the techniques in order to ensure accuracy without sacrificing any important details or aspects. Additionally, I strive for efficiency by finding creative solutions that make the process increasingly more efficient while still producing high-quality results.

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Assignment Activity 2: Measure quantities based on principles of measurement for selected building elements.

Measuring quantities for selected building elements requires accuracy and precision to ensure appropriate material allocation. To ensure accuracy, all objects must be measured using a scale calibrated according to relevant principles of measurement. Further equations and formulae should be applied to account for dimensions and relations between elements, allowing materials to be calculated against the individual specifications of a project.

An effective system of measurement allows designers and manufacturers to accurately meter a job’s requirements while achieving an optimum balance in resources, thus avoiding needless waste or overspending of materials.

Assignment Activity 3: Practice curation of information in preparing draft bills and specifications for measured items of selected building elements.

Proactive curation of data is critical when drafting bills and specifications for measured items of building elements. By having an organized approach to data assembly, the potential for errors can be minimized and the time needed for drafting such items can be reduced.

The skill of carefully sorting through a range of information to make sensible choices about what should be included or excluded is highly valued when preparing bills and specifications as it ensures that all important details have been thoughtfully considered. With a practice in curation, a professional end result that satisfies stakeholders can more readily be achieved.

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