BQS402 Construction Technology I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BQS402 Construction Technology I is the perfect course for anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of construction basics. Through this course, you will gain practical experience and the fundamentals for planning and executing a successful construction project. 

The material, taught by highly qualified instructors, covers everything from safety protocols, project management basics, and basic construction techniques. With this knowledge, you will be well-equipped to pursue success in the field of construction. Whether you’re a novice or already have some experience with construction, this course provides the framework needed to develop your skills and advance your career.

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Now, let us explore the intricacies of different assignment briefs in detail. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Apply the basic construction knowledge and understanding for simple buildings which includes parties and their roles in construction works, building trades and elements, site and soil investigation, surveying principles and shallow foundations.

Understanding basic construction knowledge and how to apply it is at the heart of any successful project. Whether you’re looking to construct a simple building or something more complex, having an understanding of the different parties involved, their roles and what trades are needed to complete the work is essential. 

At the same time, site and soil investigation, together with surveying principles, must be considered in order to determine the best approach to structuring shallow foundations. When all aspects of a construction project have been taken into account, a comprehensive understanding will ensure smooth progress from start to finish.

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Assignment Brief 2: Display the ability to appraise the basic construction details for simple buildings which include parties and their roles in construction works, building trades and elements, site and soil investigation, surveying principles and shallow foundations.

Appraising the basic construction details of simple buildings requires an understanding of parties and their roles in construction works, building trades and elements, site and soil investigation, surveying principles, as well as shallow foundations. Analyzing each aspect is essential to ensure that any given project meets all building regulations. 

By taking into consideration the numerous variables throughout the construction process, it’s possible to create a structure that increases safety for those who use it. A competent appraisal on completion of such a building will ensure confidence in its quality from owners and occupants alike.

Assignment Brief 3: Practice curation of the various types and properties of building materials for various elements of a building.

Building materials can greatly influence the success of a building project. Practices such as material curation and selection are vital for architecting aesthetically pleasing structures that meet their intended functionality. An experienced architect has the understanding to be able to match suitable building materials with different elements of a structure and use techniques such as color coordination to ensure that each component fits or complements the whole design. 

It is also essential to consider practicality – factors like durability, cost and sustainability should always be taken into account when selecting building materials. Ultimately, effective curation of building materials is an elementary skill set indicative of a professional architect’s expertise.

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