CSC669 Cryptographic Algorithms UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

Cryptography has always been an important part of ensuring the privacy and integrity for data, as well as computer networks. The course will provide an overview on cryptography written from a modern perspective so you can learn how it applies in daily life while also understanding its founding principles that have stood since ancient times when people first started inventing codes to keep their information safe.

The course also shed light on the entrepreneur and to prepare students with essential skills for success in an entrepreneurial environment. These include business planning, cryptography algorithms theory as well as practical application through hands-on exercises

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The subject delivery combined both theoretical knowledge from lectures accompanied by interactive tutorials designed specifically around today’s latest technologies that will help entrepreneurs create their own digital wealth.

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Get the Solutions for CSC669 Cryptographic Algorithms UITM Assignment. A student’s success in this class is dependent upon their ability to correctly complete assignments. A variety of resources are provided throughout these solutions that can help you with your paper, such as a table listing some common algorithms and sample implementations using open source code libraries like SignalR or jQuery plugins designed specifically for encryption purposes.

Assignment Task 1: Compose a plan incorporating security properties and techniques

Security in computing refers to protection of system resources. The resources can be software or hardware, network-accessible or not. Security includes techniques, mechanisms and processes that minimize the possibility for unprivileged access by unauthorized individuals either inside (i.e., intruders) or outside (i.e., hackers) an organization’s boundaries before reporting it to law enforcement agencies so they can act on this unprivileged access.

There are many security properties and techniques that determine how secure a specific instance of software is, but these also depend on the circumstances in which the software would operate. This parameter may be disclosed in documentation accompanying the system, available through an API for third-party tools to retrieve the data, or granted based on user interaction. Security properties that are frequently evaluated include:

Confidentiality, which is the prevention of unauthorized disclosure of information.

Integrity, which is the assurance that data has not been changed in an unauthorized manner.

Availability, which is the guarantee that authorized users can access the system when they need it.

Assignment Task 2: Explains systematically cryptography algorithms in application/software

Cryptography is the coding of messages, information or data into a secret code. This coded message can then be safely transmitted through space to potentially millions of other people without concern because only those with the decoder can understand it. This would not be possible otherwise as if anyone other than the intended recipient could read it, they might make guesses about what was being discussed and who sent it in order to try and exploit this knowledge for their own purposes which would inevitably lead to its safety being compromised.

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Asymmetric Encryption is the encryption that relies upon two keys being private and public respectively. Encryption is done by the private key (owned by the person who holds it) which can be used to encode any communications, data or documents. Once encrypted with an individual’s private key, only they’ll be able to decrypt it with their corresponding public key. For example; if you were to email me a document encrypted using your email provider’s public key then I could only read that document with my corresponding private-key – this ensures privacy as your content could not be decoded without having access to your own unique set of keys. This method makes encryption much faster than other cryptographic methods like RSA since there are no “passwords” which need to be decrypted in order to access the content. Since asymmetric encryption is so powerful, it has become the standard method of cryptography used on the internet today. This makes using this form of encryption essential for security conscious people who want to ensure that their data is secure and unreadable by third parties even if they obtain your public key.

Assignment Task 3: Integrate the entrepreneurial mind in identifying business opportunities on application/software of cryptography algorithms

A cryptographic algorithm is a procedure used to encrypt and decrypt messages. In most cases, they are called symmetric-key algorithms because they use the same key to both encrypt and decrypt the message. These type of algorithms rely on a shared secret key. These keys can be anything from passwords or passcodes that were previously exchanged between users. There are many different types of cryptographic algorithms in use today, namely: substitution ciphers, transposition ciphers, stream ciphers and block ciphers. Algorithms may work on digitized information (in which case it is usually called cryptography) or non-digitized information (offline).

It’s worth noting that cryptography does not guarantee privacy for messages if only the algorithm is used. If the key is not secure, then all texts sent are at risk of being read by an unintended recipient.

In order to ensure the privacy of the messages, both the algorithm and the key must be kept secret. Cryptography is essential for keeping information confidential when it is transmitted or stored. It can also be used to authenticate messages so that the sender can be sure that only the intended recipient will be able to read them. Cryptography can also be used to protect the integrity of data so that it cannot be tampered with.

Cryptography is used in a variety of applications today, including email, file sharing, and secure communications. It is also used in electronic voting systems and online financial transactions. In many cases, it is necessary to use cryptography to protect information from unauthorized access.

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