CSC662 Computer Security UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The course will provide an overview of main problems and techniques in computer security. It is designed for those who want to understand the different ways hackers can compromise your device or data, including threats from malware programs that might infect them without their knowledge; attacks on code by other users wanting access privileges such as stealing passwords through phishing emails which tricks you into clicking fraudulently sent links-allowing for unauthorized use if logged onto a compromised service provider network account with these specific vulnerabilities (ASI); objectives needed when combating any type/format attack during assignment phase often times there are multiple layers of security that can be used to prevent or minimize the effectiveness of an attack; vulnerabilities exploited when sending spam emails containing malware attachments which are opened by unknowing users there is no control over what email addresses are targeted- they may be valid, personal addresses of the user or spoofed email addresses which tricks the user into opening the infected message.

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At the end of this course you will able to answer the following questions:

Assignment Brief 1: Compose the fundamental elements and security goals in securing computer-based systems

  1. Protect system areas and devices with physical access controls such as locks, keys, alarm systems and motion detectors.
  2. Prevent unauthorized users from accessing or altering data in system areas by controlling physical access to the computer room and use of prox card readers for each user who enters a secured area of your facility.
  3. Disable unused ports on network switch or server so that attackers can never open a line for exploitation on a port they cannot see while only having the privilege to connect using authorized ports on existing equipment where current security is being fully enforced 
  4. Perform regular vulnerability assessment scans then apply needed patches when detected vulnerabilities are discovered within your IT environment. This will then provide sufficient protection against known exploit scripts that attackers may attempt to use against an organization.
  5. Educate personnel on common hacking techniques and social engineering schemes that attackers use daily in order for them to be vigilant when at work or at home online. Training can also be provided to your entire workforce via formal classes held during the day at a company facility or corporate office where employees learn about potential threats before they can occur.
  6. Implement a strong password policy that requires employees to use complex passwords that are changed on a periodic basis. Password policies help to prevent attackers from easily gaining access to systems and data with weak passwords.
  7. Use two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security when logging into company systems. 2FA is a process that requires two forms of authentication before granting access to an account. The second factor could be a physical device, such as a security token, or it could be a verification code sent to the user’s mobile phone.
  8. Restrict employee privileges according to their job function and need-to-know basis. This will help to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data and systems they should not have access to.
  9. Use a SIEM (security information and event management) system to collect and monitor security-related events across the entire IT infrastructure. A SIEM system can help identify suspicious activity, potential attacks, and other threats that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  10. Supplement your SIEM system by adding third-party solutions such as data loss prevention and user behavior analytics. These types of tools can help identify suspicious activity and patterns of behavior that may indicate a potential breach or unauthorized access to critical systems and data.
  11. Setup email server rules to help prevent the vast majority of phishing emails from reaching your organization’s email servers. This can be done by using sender IP address filtering, message header analysis, and domain reputation services.

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  1. Perform regular email server vulnerability scans to uncover vulnerabilities that may have gone unnoticed or unattended before attackers can exploit them in order to gain access to sensitive data and systems via your organization’s email servers.
  2. Use outbound website traffic monitoring to help prevent sensitive data from being sent out of your organization’s network via web browsing. Intrusion detection systems can be setup to monitor all outbound network traffic and alert employees when a user attempts to visit a web site that has been flagged as potentially dangerous or associated with phishing attacks.
  3. Restrict or disable USB ports and other external peripheral devices on company workstations and servers. Attackers can often gain access to systems via USB devices that have been infected with malware.
  4. Regularly backup all critical data so that it can be restored in the event of a ransomware attack or other data loss incident. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts all of the data found on a system or server, rendering it unusable until the attackers are paid to decrypt it.

Assignment Brief 2: Explain computer security issues for better-secured software design

Computer security can be complicated, but it’s really just about being mindful of the basics. What is important to understand are how an attacker is going to go after vulnerabilities in your software, and how you can minimize these vulnerabilities with some good old-fashioned programming training.

When designing their software, developers often have at least one eye on whether they will have enough time or resources for implementation – addressing all of the requirements they think users might want. But when you’re writing code, chances are that hackers won’t need your help getting every single requirement into their attack vector – instead they’ll likely try to look for especially easy ways into poorly protected parts of the design that people forgot about (or may not even know exist). It would be more difficult for them to find and exploit these vulnerabilities if the code had been written more securely in the first place.This is where programming training comes in handy: teaching developers how to think like hackers.

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Understanding how an attacker will look for vulnerabilities, developers can take steps to eliminate common coding mistakes that make their software more susceptible to attack. This includes things like input validation, proper error handling, and defensive programming techniques.

It’s also important to keep in mind that security is not a “one and done” deal – it’s an ongoing process that needs to be revisited as the application evolves. As new features are added, and old ones are removed or updated, it’s important to make sure that the code remains secure. By following some basic security principles and programming best practices, developers can greatly reduce the chances of their software being compromised.

Assignment Brief 3: Describe vulnerability and web of computer security for network-based systems of the organization.

The organization that developed a given computer system will have developed properties and security features to protect the system from being misused by an unauthorized party. These property and security features, built into the specific vendor’s operating system, provide protection from potential misuse of a computer system.

It is important for the organization to know what systems are accessing their network in order to control them appropriately. Organizations need all information possible about potential cyberattacks in order to take measures against these threats.

With this type of information, companies can mitigate risk by keeping any debugging software off devices that could be used maliciously or taken away undetected by an intruder who has access because they will not be able to make changes until they get past the initial login screen which usually requires a username and password.

System administrators can also use whitelisting to authorize only certain programs to run on company devices, which will help reduce the number of potential cyberattacks that could occur.

These are just some of the many methods that companies can use to protect themselves from cyberattacks. While no system is ever 100% secure, implementing these types of measures will help to reduce the risk of a cyberattack and protect your company’s data.

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