CSC536 Multimedia Instructional Design Assignment Example, Malaysia

This course introduces the instructional design process and model. It emphasizes that you can’t achieve a successful learning application without first understanding how to develop an effective curriculum for your students, which is why it’s so important! The principles of ID are studied in order to make sure their message isn’t lost within all this multimedia content we’re packing into one video file or thirty-three slideshows on PowerPoint; they really do matter more than ever before when developing these types of assignments nowadays with everything being available online at our fingertips thanks largely due time-saving programs like Google Docs.

This is a creative and engaging assignment that makes use of the new skills learned in media programming. The process for this project was very interesting because it involved various mediums such as video, photos, sound clips from songs or interviews with artists – everything you need to create an effective final product.

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These are the questions that can be asked in CSC536 Multimedia Instructional Design Assignment.  By the end of this course,  Malaysian students will be able to answer the following questions.

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Assignment Task 1: Propose scientific skills in design and developing multimedia instructional materials

A multimedia instructional designer needs strong skills in graphic design, digital photography, video production, educational research, and development. They use a range of software tools to create materials that help educate and communicate. Instructional designers often work in a number of departments such as marketing or education. While the availability of jobs might come from either sector, there is a very little crossover from one sector to the other.

In this article, you’ll learn how multimedia instructional designers apply their knowledge in various frameworks for designing effective instruction so they can help students achieve their learning goals over time. In order to achieve these results the instructor should be an expert on the topic at hand and have deep understanding about different aspects of multimedia instruction including graphics layout, color contrast levels and scene composition.

Multimedia instructional designers need to be able to take their understanding of how students learn and apply it to the multimedia development process. This includes comprehensive skills like creating interactive learning objects (for example, audio, video, animation), tracking data about student progress through a program, and being able to iterate on content based on feedback from real-time student data.

Assignment Task 2: Integrate autonomous learning in multimedia instructional design

People who are interested in the use of multimedia instructional design to assist students with disabilities may want to consider what is known as “autonomous learning” or “self-directed learning.” These types of systems typically consist of a series of modules and materials that teach specific skills and tasks. 

Students must work through all the modules sequentially, but they can also skip around if they need remedial help on certain topics. They will progress through levels as they do their work and complete the assigned practice sheets If all works well, learners should be able to advance automatically until they reach competency.

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It’s not always easy to take a different perspective and try to see how someone else might like to use your instructional design. This lack of perspective is something that we humans struggle with and it’s called “objectivity.” The human brain can’t fully comprehend the perspective of other people, and even if we could, there would still be individual differences in preferences. For this reason, multiple viewpoints are usually considered when designing multimedia instruction.

These multiple perspectives may come from students themselves or from stakeholders such as teachers, professors, advisors or parents who might need their children to master the same material.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate managerial skills in multimedia instructional design project

There are several diverse multimedia instructional design formats that offer opportunities to explore the concepts of managerial skills in detail. One option is online courseware, which can include video tutorials or supplementary PDFs. This format typically offers the most self-paced learning with large access for learner control, and also allows for a long completion time frame.

Another option is creating an ebook with videos embedded during certain topics, which has limited tailoring to individual learners but can be completed more quickly due to smaller amounts of content. For example, David Samuel offers award-winning courses on general management techniques from his own workshops and academic writings in a series of four ebooks with videos embedded during various levels of material complexity throughout them. These videos and the ebooks offer a multimedia introduction to general management and coaching skills for managers and individuals interested in teaching themselves basic managerial techniques.

The third option is an online course that uses customized videos, interactive tools, and gamification techniques to provide learners with feedback on their progress within individual modules or courses at regular intervals as they complete various assignments.

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