ABPK1203 Cognitive Psychology Assignment Sample Malaysia

ABPK 1203 Cognitive Psychology is a course offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM). This 3 credit hour worth of study can be covered in 8 to 15 weeks and it’s one you’ll want on your resume.

Cognitive psychology is the study of mental processes. It focuses on learning, memory, attention, language, and other thought processes. Cognitive psychologists are interested in how people process information received through their senses to understand the environment around them. They are also concerned with how that information is stored and retrieved from long-term memory storage. The focus of cognitive psychology research varies depending on what type of cognitive psychologists are involved in a particular project or experiment.

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Some cognitive psychologists focus on the mental processes involved in language; others may be interested in memory or learning. Cognitive psychologists who research visual and auditory perception use experimental methods such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and event-related potentials (ERP). Cognitive psychology is one of the most important areas in modern psychology, with many books and articles being written on the subject.

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ABPK 1203 Cognitive Psychology Assignment Activity

By the end of this Reflective Writing. You will be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: State the definition of cognition and perception

Cognition is the mental process of thinking, knowing, and remembering. Perception is a combination of intellect and sensation respectively which leads to recognition or interpretation of a particular thing.

The way we perceive things greatly impacts our memories that last into the future. The word perception often has two variants – one for intellectual comprehension and another for sensory comprehension. What we comprehend intellectually will be felt as feelings too but it will not be as direct as sensory comprehension because intellectual cognition includes reasoning by comparison which may take time to formulate in-depth, while sensual perception involves detection without reasoning processes so it takes less time to form an opinion or conclusion about something. We maintain cognitive reflexes such as “how people measure success” and use these around other people to gauge their opinions on issues related to success.

Assignment Activity 2: Examine the approaches in studying cognition and perception

The approaches to studying cognition and perception are fundamentally different. Cognitive research often uses tools like mind-reading machines, eye-tracking equipment, or MRI scans in order to assess the mental process of an individual. Perception studies, on the other hand, can be executed through various sensory experiments. There is no doubt that both methods hold enormous value for refining our understanding of the function of cognition and perception mechanisms; however, they are not one-in-the-same.

Therefore, perceptual studies provide branches of knowledge about how people see objects; these branches include psychophysics (testing types of sight/hearing abilities), environmental psychology (studying effects on humans in real-world environments), visual epistemology (looking at problems with the pattern of human thought), etc. While cognitive research studies the mental processes of how people see objects; this includes topics such as visual perception, auditory perception, and audiovisual integration for social cognition.

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Assignment Activity 3:  Identify factors that affect human cognition

There are many factors that affect human cognition, but here are just a few of the most prominent.

1. Core temperature regulates the flow of both fluids and action potentials in our cells, which also affects cognitive function. It’s important to maintain core body temperature by eating well and having plans for rain on ridiculously hot days.

2. The underlying circadian rhythm or sleep patterns are essential for mental clarity, so it is often best to try to follow one’s natural sleep pattern instead of adhering to an inconvenient working schedule if possible.

3. Routines may be hard work for some people, who already have schedules that they can’t budge no matter what, but should help with the amount and quality of work.

4. Positive thinking affects the body in chemical terms by activating the right hormones and neurotransmitters to prepare one for the next task. The benefits of regular meditation or yoga sessions would be an excellent way to achieve this mental clarity, but anyone can achieve better thinking through the regular practice of gratitude and affirmations.

Assignment Activity 4: Conduct an experiment in cognition and perception

A simple experiment in cognition and perception would be to go outside and watch people come into a building. Over the course of 30 minutes, note down your observations on what you see. Next week, return to the same location for 30 minutes and repeat.

This may seem like a boring experiment at first glance but it is an effective way to test mental processing speed, memory accuracy, and general observational skills using an informal method without taking too many measurements. The reason behind this is that most people’s attention drifts when not nudged back by another stimulus so their observation deteriorates gradually over time without them even noticing until they’ve been passively watching for 10 or 15 minutes with only brief moments of focus. It becomes clear that when faced with such observations, it is necessary to be prepared with specific tasks in order to maintain the accuracy of processing.

Therefore, if someone wants an effective cognitive and perceptual exercise they should first select a familiar location where they frequently happen to go so that there are fewer distractions. Next, try doing some other physical activities like walking or cycling while either listening to music or a podcast, but do not watch a screen of any kind while doing this. This way, one can get physically active while also getting something from topics that may be interesting to them.

Synopsis Of ABPK 1203 Cognitive Psychology Course

The following is a list of all ten topics covered in this course. Each topic has an introduction, defining terms and describing the learning goals for that section:

Topic 1: The study of the mind has been an integral part of psychology for centuries. In this section, we’ll explore how to approach cognitive psychology as it’s the dominant approach in science today and what makes it so special!

Topic 2: The quest to understand the nature of consciousness is one that has preoccupied humans since they first became conscious.

Topic 3: The models of object recognition discussed in this text are used to explain how humans understand their world.

Topic 4: Introduce the method of neurocognition in the study of human cognition.

Topic 5: Discuss the importance of attention. It involves the application of human attention in daily life

Topic 6: Examine the mental representations and processes involved in memory.

Topic 7: Describe the mental representation of declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge.

Topic 8: Discuss how language is expressed in the brain. It also explains how language is acquired.

Topic 9: Examining higher cognitive processes. It discusses problem-solving and its applications.

Topic 10: Involving human ideals and actual decision-making. Discussed the question of rationality.


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