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In the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia lies a bustling metropolis with a population of over 1.5 million people. Although it is a modern and technologically advanced society, many of its citizens still hold on to traditional values that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. These Malaysian Values are often reflected in the way Malaysians live their lives and interact with each other as well as visitors from all across the globe who come to experience this unique country’s culture first hand. In order to understand what makes Malaysia such an interesting place, it is important for those visiting or living there to gain some insight into these traditions so they can be better prepared before embarking on their journey through this beautiful part of the world.

The way to educate the Malaysian values among our youngest generation is becoming more difficult and challenging without any boundaries that can keep them away from global information.

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In order to implement the spirit of patriotism, every sector needs to cooperate and help encourage our youngest generation into learning more about Malaysia’s history & culture. The teaching at home has an important role in influencing children (and teenagers) from various races with respect for how they can get united within a multi-ethnic society like ours here today!

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Types of Values

Vernon and Lindzey (1960) developed six categories of values; theoretical value, economic value, aesthetic value, social value, political value, and religious value. Manifestation of each of them is explained below.

  1. Theoretical Value: Pay attention to discovering the truth. Empirical, critical, and rational ideas are used to rank and systemize knowledge. For example, scientists value truth.
  2. Economic Value: Pay attention to useful things. People driven by such values are interested in practical matters, especially business, and use them to judge things based on their tangible effects. For example, businessmen may value practicality.
  3. Aesthetic Value: Pay attention to beauty and harmony. People may care about elegance and symmetry and find satisfaction in aesthetic experience, for example, artists value beauty.
  4. Social Value: Value selfless and charitable love. People may be kind, compassionate, selfless, and value others. For example, a nurse may have a strong love for people.
  5. Political Value: Emphasize power and influence. This includes those who seek leadership and enjoy competition and struggle. For example, politicians may value power.
  6. Religious Value: Unity of values. This is a person who seeks to be in communion with the universe and mysteriously connect with the whole, for example, a monk or nun who values unity.

Challenge To Implement The Values Of Patriotism

Lack of practices Malaysian Values

A recent issue among the young generation is the lack of practices with Malaysian values. The reason for this can be attributed to prejudice that exists between ethnic groups, as well as not knowing about other cultures or living styles in general.

The racial conflict in Malaysia is a dark part of its history that still affects people today. It all started on May 13th, 1969 when tensions between Malays and non-Malays escalated into violence which led to many deaths; however, we can see this event as an opportunity for us – Malay’s or any other race- not to take our self-interest over national aspirations.

Negative attitudes among the youngest generations

The negative attitudes among the youngest generations are due to them preferring individualistic and self-interested over national interests. They are concerned with how best to achieve their own good living experience, never considering what’s happening in the country they’re from or who else might be hurt by decisions being made there – but blame always finds its way back on themselves for reasons only known as “unfairness.”

The internet has become all too commonplace for many young adults today; it provides opportunities galore at little cost while also providing instant gratification without much accountability if things go wrong personally online business ventures seem more valuable than anything else. It has become commonplace to see teenagers on their mobile devices while sitting at restaurants, seeing movies, or even traveling in public transports.

 Lack of Appreciation and Lack of Confidence

It is very clear that the younger generation does not know about Malaysia’s independence or what has been sacrificed for our country. This could be due to how much time has passed since then, but it also just might be because they’re unpatriotic! The lack of patriotism in this group can range from lacking confidence with words like loyalty and honesty towards their home nation altogether; especially those who study abroad are more likely prone towards negative attitudes than others as well- so expect some disappointment when you visit your kid at school later on down these lines.


The internet has been a powerful tool in bringing international opportunities to the youngest generation. Communication technologies of today’s world allow for global competition and access through multimedia, which provides our children with knowledge from all over this planet as well as receiving information about what’s happening anywhere on Earth at any given time without borders or boundaries that would otherwise keep them isolated from other cultures like themselves around town. This occurrence may introduce negative influences such as immigrants who come into one country but bring their own customs along; it could change how we see things because now instead of recognizing those differences, they will seem more similar than different.

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Suggestion To Facing The Challenges

Education System

The educational system is an important role in educating the Malaysian value to the young. The student spends half a day with other races, so it’s crucial that they learn about their cultural heritage and traditions- which can only happen by having an open discussion between all students of different ethnicities at school. There are some suggestions on how we could help improve these relationships for better interactions among fellow classmates while also teaching our kids what really matters as citizens living here: namely belonging together but respecting everyone’s differences!

1. Campaign of Patriotic and Malaysian value

Campaigns of patriotism are one way to unite the races and build Malaysia into a stronger, better nation. Get involved in these campaigns with your loved ones; explore new opportunities for economic growth!

2. Organize Event Related to unite the multi-ethnic society

The Unity Event is a platform for all races to get involved and learn about other cultures. It’s important that we, as people in this society respect each other regardless of race or ethnicity so it will be interesting to see how many different groups show up at the event!

3. Sports Competition for all races

The community society may organize some sports competitions open to all races and make it compulsory for everyone in the team, whether they are from a different race or not. NGO parties also create arts & musical performing, line dancing events that offer an opportunity for every member of this planet who has something special about themselves (whatever category) because through these activities you can get involved without having any preference on what kind your talent might be – there will always someone out there willing work with another person no matter how differently talented those two people happen to look!

4. Educate the History of Malaysia to the young people

The subject of Malaysia’s history is an essential part to teach the young people how they can know and learn deeper about our country’s rich culture. The Ministry Of Education (MOE) may add cultural studies as a compulsory subject in primary school, secondary schools, or even universities here! It will not only apply just for those studying Ethnics Relationship but also includes Malaysian Studies which are offered at both levels-university level courses included too; this means all students would have access to these opportunities so no one gets left out.

National Service Program for all races involvement

The benefits of military life are endless. From reducing crime rates and conflict between different races to providing opportunities for leadership development that can’t be found anywhere else in society- mandatory national service training programs should be made available for all young people!

1. The National Service Training Programme of Singapore

The Singaporean national service program is a 2-year compulsory program for all male citizens. The men are required to undergo training that will prepare them before they start university or their career, and it’s even considered an opportunity bonding time where you can learn about life with people from different backgrounds in this small country of only 5 million people!

2. The National Service Training Programme of China

Another example is from the national service training program in the Republic of China. In this country, all first-year university students are compelled by law to involve themselves in military activities. They must have an experience and bring their patriotism out during their studies so they can become even better citizens for our great nation!

Strengthen the Role of the Digital Media

The new media technology is an important tool, especially for young people. To avoid spreading negative information, the government should strengthen its role in Malaysia using benefits and power from its use when publishing programs that educate our multi-ethnic society about what true Malaysian culture really means.

1. Producing the Video & Animation for Education Use

Malaysia’s education system is becoming more interactive with video as a teaching method to get students interacting. The benefits of using videos in class are that it simplifies information and impacts people through visuals instead of text, which can also promote Malaysian values better by doing multimedia projects on platforms like Instagram or Facebook etc.

2. Cooperate of the Education Provider

In addition, the cooperation of an education provider within a government is to decide what content will be spreading out through multimedia. As for them-the role of schools are only one thing: they educate young people so that when it’s time for you or your children go off on their own journey in this world we call home to study and learn from all cultures around us!


The part of the legislation is responsible to take action against those who try and attempt a country legacy system. The punishment should be fair for every citizen, regardless if they are from one race or many races in our nation’s history.

1. The Punishment of the Negative Influencer

The punishment for those who publicly mock our country’s name and spread misinformation about it should be severe. These actions could cause real security threats that would put the population at risk, so sending them to jail is necessary!

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