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Malaysian Culture Essay Sample

Malaysian Culture Essay Sample

Malaysian culture is a complex and diverse mosaic of different ethnicities, languages, religions, cultures, and lifestyles. It can be difficult to understand the intricacies that come with Malaysian culture without actually experiencing it firsthand. This essay sample will explore some of the more popular aspects of Malaysian culture such as dress codes for both men and women in Malaysia as well as a brief overview of various religious beliefs practiced by the many Malaysians who live here today.

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Culture of Malaysia

This essay sample elaborated on the different cultures in Malaysia. Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage is a mixture of ancient cultures like Malay and Indian, as well as many others. It has been shaped by the country’s history with its two major trading partners China and India.

Malays found all over Africa, and are the majority of them are in Malaysia. They comprise more than half of Malaysia’s population. Malays follow Islam (a religion that has a connection to Arabs) which they adopted as well from Malay fathers who spoke their native language; this is also known as Bumiputra or “the son of earth”. The Terengganu stone, one example is an ancient text written by them using Arabic script dating back 600 years ago says: “Obedience to Allah means obedience to His law.”

1. Malaysian Chinese Culture

The Chinese are the second largest ethnic group in Malaysia, most descendent immigrants during the 19th century. They speak different dialects such as Hokkies and Cantonese but Mandarin has widely used in the southern state of Selangor due to its proximity to China’s influence. The culture of Malaysian Chinese derives from their ancestors Taiosm mixed together with Confuism which embedded core values that have long been compatible by various religions/societies they interact with on a daily basis.

2. Malaysian and Indian Culture

The Indian population in Malaysia is the smallest of three major groups, but it has been steadily growing. Most Indians are Tamil speakers from southern India who fled their poor economy during colonial times and migrated to Malaysia. They often found work as rubber tappers after arriving, while others built infrastructure for this new country they call home.

Hindu tradition has remained strong in the Indian community of Malaysia, keeping them connected to their culture and heritage. The Chitty people are like the Babas and Nyonya communities found elsewhere in Malacca; they result from assimilation between Indians immigrants with local cultures.

3. Eurasians

Eurasians are people who have roots in both Asia and Europe, and they are treated as others

4. Peranakan

The name Peranakan, which literally means “half-caste” in Malay is what they call themselves because their ancestors were originally from China but then married into the local population and settled down there for generations to come.

The culture and language of the Peranakans are a fascinating mix of Chinese and Malay influences.

5. Foreigners in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where the different cultures of Malaysians and indigenous tribes live together. The people visiting Malaysia will be mesmerized to see their multiculturism, from the Malay culture in Kuala Lumpur which has Hindu temples on every corner, to Sabah’s Kadazandusuns who still practice headhunting as they did centuries ago.

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Malaysian Culture Etiquettes

This essay example describes the cultural etiquettes. The country Malaysia is known for its tradition and culture. Their people love each other with huge respect, here are the few etiquettes, here we discuss few of etiquettes:-

  • A well-practiced handshake is a gesture that indicates the meeting of two people with respect to each other. It’s also used as a gesture to say goodbye at the end of meetings too!
  • The people of Malaysia are brought up on the concept “Budi.” It is about being polite and respectful to others, treating them as you would like to be treated.
  • Malaysians are known for their charming and pleasant demeanor in society. They uphold the ethics of wisdom, virtue, good etiquette, and respective moral values with an air of class when they speak to people around them.
  • Malaysia’s people are often described as gentle and kind, with a patient approach to life. They also tend to be modest.
  • In Indonesia, there are two main types of people. Those who follow a refined and positive behavior are called to be “Budi Bahasa,” whereas those that act contrary or aggressively (like shouting) can be classified as ‘kasar’or rough in society.
  • Younger generations are more open to direct communication than their parents, and it’s because of the online space. The country has also experienced a major shift in its cultural practices after globalization which is why they’re changing how they communicate too.

Some Rules and Regulations in Malaysia 

To live in Malaysia citizens must follow some rules and regulations and this essay sample will briefly discuss the do’s and dont’s in Malaysia.

                 Never Follow                      Always Follow
  1. Never get perplexed between Malay and Malaysian, Malay follow Islam religion whereas every citizen in Malaysia follows Malaysian.
  1. 1. Always admire the activities of Malaysians when in Malaysia this indulges dining etiquettes, the way of communication one should follow to accept the country
2. Never shake hands with women as it is considered an offense in Malaysia.2. Always follow the dressing culture of Malaysia to show respect to the country.
3. Malaysians are very traditional and conservative people. In many parts of society, public displays of attraction can be seen as indecent or unacceptable behavior.3. Always use polite and fewer words to show respect.
4. Never point out the finger in the society of Malaysia.4. Always learn the local language of Malaysia, this helps the local person to adjust to a new environment easily.

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The essay sample is based on Malaysian Culture.

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