Malaysia Independence Day Essay Sample

Malaysia Independence Day Essay Sample

Malaysia celebrates its Independence Day on 31 August. Known as Merdeka Day (Freedom Day).

Malaysia’s independence from British rule was an important event in the history of Asia, and since its establishment, as a sovereign nation on August 31st 1957, it has been known for being one of the most culturally diverse countries.

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History of Malaysia

The history of the Malacca Sultanate began around 1400 AD. During this era, not only was mainland Malaysia a part of their territory but so were parts on Sumatra as well. The leaders during that time must have been great because they managed to make it very wealthy and prosperous with power under its belt.

Malacca has a location that is the perfect balance between East and West, so it became an important trading city. Malacca’s strategic position in Southeast Asia allowed it to become one of the most profitable trade cities for spices all throughout its history.

The Sultan of Malacca was a shrewd man who used his keen business sense to turn the city into an Islamic empire. He met with traders from Middle Eastern countries and, as he realized their desire for trade in Asia, set up meetings where Islam could be discussed. The communities grew larger until finally it became common practice that Muslims would stay behind while trading ships headed back home so they could make a permanent residence there

Malacca with its strategic location and mix of cultures has always been an enticing destination for traders, explorers, and colonizers. In 1511 the Portuguese arrived in Malacca to establish a new trading post but soon found themselves at war with rival Europeans from Holland. The Kingdom was eventually subsumed by these invaders until it achieved independence on August 31st 1957 when Malaysia was born as we know it today.

Importance of Malaysia Independence Day

Malaysia Independence Day is an important day in the calendar year. This essay sample discusses the importance of Malaysia Independence day.

  1. True Spirit of patriotism– On the 31st of August, 1957 they threw off their shackles and declared independence from British colonial rule. On that day a new flag was raised to symbolize freedom for all Malaysians forevermore.
  2. Historical and cultural symbol– it symbolizes freedom on multiple levels- both historically as well as culturally- but it also signifies new beginnings and hope with every passing commemoration season through its history cycles, making us collectively grateful each summer when this opportunity presents itself again.
  3. It shows love and responsibility towards the country– The formation of Malaysia is a cause that should be celebrated. This day can serve as an opportunity to learn more about the nations history and how it came into being, while also fostering a sense of patriotism for our great nation.

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How Malaysia Independence Day Celebrated

Malaysia’s independence day is celebrated with much pomp and pageantry, signifying the unity of Malaysians. The diverse people come together to show their support for each other in celebration of becoming an independent nation.

  • Towns and cities throughout the country shine brightly with their flags, lights reflecting like fireflies in the night. Shimmering light from every porch makes Malaysia look more alive than ever before.
  • The national day is a celebration of freedom and unity. It starts in the morning with Merdeka Square, where His Majesty sits among thousands of spectators to watch an impressive parade as he begins his reign.
  • The Malaysian flag proudly flies high over the nation to symbolize their pride in being a part of this beautiful country.
  • Other events during this period include a stage show, competitions and exhibitions.


Independence Day is a day worth celebrating for which our ancestors have shed their blood and struggled. But are we truly justifying the struggle? We should rethink it, work towards actual freedom of people by helping them to become self-sufficient so they can contribute not only to themselves but also support Malaysia as well. Independence Day this year let us dream about an Independent country strong enough that will face any problems with unity.

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