BCM414 Construction Technology I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCM414 Construction Technology I course is designed to give students an understanding of the fundamentals of construction technology and provide a basic knowledge of the important roles that different parties play in the construction process. This course provides an overview of the whole construction process, from planning and design to implementation and completion. It pays special attention to important areas such as surveying, estimating costs and scheduling works.

Students will also gain practical experience by involvement in field visits to sites and projects, as well as online simulated activities. Ultimately, this course prepares students for future courses in more detailed topics such as engineering principles, materials economics, site safety practices and various skills specific to the construction industry.

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On this page, we will go over different assignment activities. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Determine principles in building construction and materials.

Creating successful building and construction projects relies on establishing a strong set of principles. Factors such as quality of materials, labor, budgeting, the environment, and efficiency should be carefully taken into consideration to determine which materials are best for the job. This requires research and planning to ensure that all criteria are met for optimal results. Additionally, health and safety requirements should always be looked at when choosing building materials. Whenever possible, buildings should use renewable resources to minimize the impact of the project both now and in the future. Carefully considering one’s principles in building construction can lead to a successful result that is built to last.

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Assignment Activity 2: Present principles in building construction and materials.

Responsible construction includes an array of integral principles such as load-bearing walls and multi-tiered levels. Open lines of communication between contractors, architects, and clients ensure that the project is in line with everyone’s vision. Selecting materials like concrete and reinforcing steel for wall foundations is essential to create a sturdy building structure. High-quality wood is also another reliable choice for constructing durable staircases, joists, and beams.

To lessen the negative impact on the environment due to production practices and construction waste, reputable companies use materials like recycled steel that are sustainable and environmentally sound. Building a functional construct also involves incorporating good insulation products like cellulose fiber or fiberglass to regulate temperatures and reduce energy consumption. All these principles help promote safety, efficiency, green practices, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability in the long run.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate concrete tests.

The goal of a concrete test is to determine the properties of concrete, such as its compressive strength and abrasion resistance. The importance of accurately assessing the quality of material prior to use in construction projects cannot be overstated, and concrete tests help engineers achieve this in an efficient manner. Such tests require specialized equipment and expertise — a certified civil engineer should be consulted when carrying out concrete testing. By utilizing concrete tests methodically, whether during preconstruction or while already on site, engineers can ensure that the structure meets minimum safety requirements and withstands any harsh weather conditions it may be exposed to.

Assignment Activity 4: Display the ability to prepare building plans.

Preparation of building plans is a skill requiring technical expertise and creativity. A successful draftsman must be able to take architectural ideas and blueprints and transform them into detailed plans that can become the foundation for construction projects. Preparation of such plans requires attention to detail, as well as the ability to think in three dimensions and visualize design solutions in order to accurately produce drawings that meet required standards. From planning stages and determining project needs through issuing production-level documents, a skilled draftsman can provide valuable insight into a project’s outcome—a critical factor that should not be overlooked throughout the development process.

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