You are required to introduce your selected automobile company and highlight the key issues that the company is currently facing: Strategic Management Assignment, ASB, Malaysia


Asia School of Business (ASB)

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Individual Assignment


Strategic management

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Individual Assignment In today’s economy, gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage is harder than ever. Strategic Management captures the complexity of the current business environment and delivers the latest skills and concepts with unrivaled clarity, helping students develop their own cutting-edge strategies through skill-developing exercises and cases (David, 2011). Strategic management is also a change process, something that is going to take time to develop, cultivate, and assimilate into your business process (Forbes, 2012).

Having a good understanding of the environmental factors affecting the organisation and their inter-relationship to formulate a sound competitive strategy is imperative for the success of an organization. Undertake an analysis of the strategic direction of an automobile company (involved in the manufacture of motor vehicles, including most components, such as engines and bodies) located in your own county.

Your analysis should clearly address the challenges facing the organisation and analyse the situation using the concepts and tools taught in this module leading to the strategies and plans of action, and strategy evaluation for the organisation .

Assessment Criteria Assessment will be made on the sound understanding and effective application of theory and techniques. To pass the assignment, key aspects of the business must be identified and key analytical tools and techniques appropriately used. To achieve a distinction, a complete analysis of the situation is expected along with a sound understanding of theoretical tools and their effective and creative application; a coherent structuring and effective presentation of the report will also be expected.

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