With the increase of requirement for electric power and decrease of fossil energy, the photovoltaic power plant has a great development: Sustainable Energy & Power Distribution Assignment, AUTI, Malaysia


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Sustainable Energy & Power Distribution

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With the increase in requirement for electric power and decrease of fossil energy, the photovoltaic power plant has a great development. The inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a photovoltaic power plant. Solar batteries change solar energy to direct current and the inverter changes the direct current to alternating current for transmission into the facility’s electrical distribution system.

Finding an efficient method for inverter ventilation that can reduce energy costs and ensure the photovoltaic power plant reliability, is essential for photovoltaic power plants.

Louvres are at the bottom of the inverter, and airflow enters the inverter from the bottom louvre and into the inside of the inverter, after absorbing heat the air is exhausted by axial fans through the top. A control system is provided for
the inverter, and the airflow rate can be automatically adjusted according to the supply air temperature. One “SG500KTL” inverter specification is shown in table 1. The performances of axial fans of the inverter are shown in figure1

Comparing the airflow rate and axial fan performance curve, when the axial fan work at the maximum flow rate, the residual pressure is very little, which can only exhaust the air into the room but can’t exhaust air through the air duct out of the room. An extra-axial fan is needed.

According to table1, the heat dissipation of the inverter is at least: 500x(1 98.7%)=6.5KW, the recommended heat dissipation by the manufacturer is 7kW, and 7kW will be taken as a design basis. The supply air temperature is considered as no more than 35℃ for inverter stable operation.

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