UBML2013: Select any one current news report from Star Online that is relevant to any topic from Topic 5 to Topic 8: Company Law Report, UTAR, Malaysia

University Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
Subject UBML2013: Company Law

Question 1

Select any one (1) current news report from Star Online that is relevant to any topic from Topic 5 to Topic 8 (Share Capital, Loan Capital, Directors, Company Secretaries, and Auditors). Any news report from 2019 onwards is acceptable.

Write a review on the news report, commenting on for example the topic or area of law that it covers, the legal issues involved, and any applicable statutory provisions and/or case law. The news report needs not to be entirely based on Malaysian news but must be discussed in the context of the Companies Act 2016.


i. Identify the topic or area of law that is covered by the news report, and justify your answer.

ii. Explain the legal issues involved and elaborate on any legal principles that are relevant for discussion.

iii. Give a suitable conclusion to your discussion, e.g. on the likely outcomes, the impact on business or society, future directions, or a sum-up of your discussion.

iv. Attach the news report at the beginning of your answer.

v. Estimated number of pages: more than 1.5 pages and not more than 2 pages.

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