TBTM 1023: Write a selection structures statement for an auto-sale drink machine with 4 different drinks to select according to the button you press: Introduction To Programming Assignment, NUM, Malaysia

University National University of Malaysia(NUM)
Subject TBTM 1023: Introduction To Programming

1. Write a selection structures statement for an auto-sale drink machine with 4 different drinks to select according to the button you press. The machine will display the drink you choose if you press the correct button.

Write your selection structures in 3 ways.’

  • using simple if statement
  • using nested ifs statement
  • using switch statement.

2. Given the table below:

Write a switch statement using the variable option to output messages according to the above table.

3. Write a program that requests a letter grade and assign points with the scale as the table below

4. Write a program called file to produce the sum of 1, 2, 3, …, to 100. Also, compute and display the average. The output shall look like this: The sum is 5050 The average is 50.5

5. Write a program that would enter two integers. The first input must be smaller than the second input. Compute and calculate the sum of the series of integers from the first to the second integer.

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