SC40103 The goal of this assignment is to explore the foundation of the VTK library. To achieve this, you must create a 3D object/geometric: Scientific Data Visualization Assignment, UMS, Malaysia


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SC40103 Scientific Data Visualization Assignment

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The goal of this assignment is to explore the foundation of the VTK library. To achieve this, you must create a 3D object/geometric visualizer using VTK. In order to do so, explore the VTK Examples and Tutorial website at Your visualisation should be:

1) Able to load, visualize and display
a) Five models based on any 3D File format
b) Two models based on VTK format
c) Five Geometric Object
d) Five models based on cell format (eg. ConvexPointSet, Tessellated Cells)
e) Five models based sources format (eg. Platonic solid, shrink cube).
f) Two models based on parametric objects
g) Five models based on implicit function and iso-surfaces
h) Two models based on any working 3D Data.

2) Able to import one 3D Studio scene that includes multiple actors
3) Able to provide nice and clean UI based on Tkinter or PyQt5.
4) Able to display details of the loaded models such as number of surface, points and etc.
5) Able to change color and lighting of the loaded 3D models.
6) Able to display perform basic transformation based on menu and clicking mouse.
7) Able to Save and write all modified models.
Once again, the possibilities of your advanced VTK Visualizer are endless; you might create something that shows the abilities of the VTK Library. You may use any GUI library, such as Tkinter or PyQt5 to guarantee interaction and preserve the appearance of your attractive programme.

You may use our weekly VTK tutorials source codes or from VTK official website to complete your assignment. Please ensure that your source code has a high level of readability. This is a group of two assignment with 20% marks. YOUR SOURCE CODE AND SYSTEM MUST BE UNIQUE, WITH NO

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