SC025: Construct a program that performs one-dimensional array operations for problems involving linear search: Computer Science Assignment, UPSI, Malaysia

University Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)


Construct a program that performs one-dimensional array operations for problems involving linear search.


● To know the purpose of using array structure.
● To study linear search in a one-dimensional array.
● To understand how to implement a linear search algorithm.

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Every day, 5 weather stations have recorded temperatures expressed in degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Write a program that will accept each weather station ID, station name, and Fahrenheit temperature in a day, convert it to degree Celsius (°C) and display all the converted temperatures with the station name on the screen.
Calculate the average temperature, and print a temperature report of minimum and maximum temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) with their index location respectively. In addition, the program also provides access to temperature based on the station ID. Test the system’s ability to receive and display records based on a station ID. If a record is found, relevant information
will be displayed together with the index location or no record will be found otherwise. After all, temperatures have been processed, the words ‘All temperatures processed’ are to be displayed on the screen.


On completion of this assignment, students should be able to:

● Implement a one-dimensional array operation for problems involving
linear search.

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