RRES A113: This research report aims to delve into contemporary challenges by analyzing current issues: Business Research Method Report, OUM, Malaysia


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Business Research Method Report

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Title: Understanding Current Issues: A Research Report Introduction:

This research report aims to delve into contemporary challenges by analyzing current issues and suggesting potential solutions. Grounded in the latest data from crediblesources, the report seeks to explore pressing concerns and provide insights foraddressing them effectively. (For topic or data please refer to the listing that beenassigned).

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1. Introduction:
1.1 Background information about the topic
1.2 Objectives of study
1.3 Scope of study
1.4 Significant of the study
1.5 Organization of Study

2. Literature Review
Review existing research literature related to your studies. Identify key theories, findings, and debates to build a foundation for your research.

3. Methodology:
Describe the methodology you will use for your research, including the researchdesign, data collection methods, and analysis techniques. Ensure that your approachis suitable for gathering and analyzing the latest data on your studies.

3.1 Data collection
– Primary vs secondary data
– Significance of primary data
– Significance of secondary data
– Data collection method
3.2 Limitations of study
3.3 Ethical issues

4. Data Analysis and Findings:
Present the findings of your analysis based on the latest available data pertaining.

Utilize appropriate analytical tools or techniques to interpret the data effectively.

6. Discussion:
Discuss the implications of your findings.

7. Recommendations and Conclusion:
Summarize the key findings of your research and provide recommendations.
7.1 Suggestions for improvement
7.2 Conclusion- Summary of key findings

8. References:

Structure of Report
1. Frontpage
2. Acknowledgement
3. Table of Content
4. List of Figures
5. List of Tables.

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