PSYC2505: As a student, you are expected to have good communication and interpersonal skills: Foundations of Psychology and Sociology For Health Assignment, UON, Malaysia

University University of Newcastle (UON)
Subject PSYC2505: Foundations of Psychology and Sociology For Health


  1. As a student, you are expected to have good communication and interpersonal skills. Toachievetheskills, Let’sexplorethe skills through the activities:
  • You are required to read a blog/s on the internet or watch a vlog/s on YouTube/video platform/ documentary which contains a story/review on:
    • life as medical staff, preferably as a medical assistant/nurse (or a medical doctor)and
    • preferably-in Malaysia
    • contentcanbeinEnglishandMalay
  1. Include the following in your report
    • URL of the blog/vlog/documentary
    • Brief summary of the blog/vlog/documentary

Description of the elements of psychology that you have learned in this course In the blog/vlog based on what was written in the blog/you noticed in the vlog.

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