MPU3193 – Discuss how rationalist ideas have influenced religious beliefs and practices in Malaysia: Philosophy and Current Issues Assignment 2, WOU, Malaysia

University Wawasan Open University (WOU)
Subject MPU3193 Philosophy and Current Issues Assignment 2

Question 1:
Rationalism is a philosophical approach that emphasizes the importance of reason and critical thinking in understanding the world and making decisions. In Malaysia’s context, the application of rationalist concepts has played an important role in shaping various aspects of society.
(a) Discuss how rationalist ideas have influenced religious beliefs and practices in Malaysia, and give examples of possible tensions in Malaysia. Give two (2) factors with examples.
(b) Explain how rationalism has influenced media content and public discourse in Malaysia. You must have at least two (2) statements with examples.
(c ) Reflecting on your identity as a Malaysian citizen, analyze how the application of Rationalist Ideals has impacted Malaysia’s decision-making framework, particularly within the context of its diverse and multi-ethnic society. Give two (2) examples of impacts.
Note: You must have four (4) in-text citations and four (4) references that follow APA 7th style.

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