MHRD510: Expatriates are employees who leave their country of origin in order to work and reside in another country: Global Human Resource Management Research Paper, HU, Malaysia


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MHRD510: Global Human Resource Management

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Expatriates are employees who leave their country of origin in order to work and reside in another country. Most global organizations employ expatriates due to the large benefits they possess. However, many organizations also face a high percentage of failure of expatriates during their overseas assignments.

  • Conduct a literature review of managing expatriate employees in Multiple National Companies (MNCs). The review should give an overview of expatriates, their importance to the organization, benefits to the expatriate employees, and the causes of failures.
  • Based on your literature review, assuming you are the Global HR Director of a Malaysian company who is tasked to send key managers to manage their new manufacturing operations in Vietnam.

i. Based on the failures of expatriates in assignments, as explored in your literature review, make recommendations that will improve the rate of success of your expatriates.
ii. Discuss the role of HR as a change agent in enabling diversity management in a global organization.
iii. Identify any occupational, safety, and health challenges that may arise when moving your expatriates overseas and propose how risks can be mitigated.

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