Given in the following table are the task necessary for the assembly of Fine Cedar Chest: Operations Management & Analytics Assignment, HU, Malaysia

University HELP University (HU)
Subject Operations Management & Analytics

a) Given in the following table are the task necessary for the assembly of Fine Cedar Chest, the length of time needed to perform each task, and the operations that must be completed prior to subsequent operations.

i) Calculate the cycle time needed to complete 300 cedar chests in a 35-hour week.

ii) Determine the minimum number of workstations that can be used on the assembly
line and still reach the production quota? (12 marks)

iii) Balance the line and calculate the line efficiency. (12 marks)

iv) Rebalance the line with a cycle time of 9 minutes. Determine the new minimum number of workstations, output and line efficiency. (24 marks)

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