LIN30105 To diversify possibilities and options with justification and reasonings in order to finalize a proposal: Critical and Creative Thinking Skills Assignment, TC, Malaysia


Taylor's University (TU)

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Individual Assignment


LIN30105 Critical and Creative Thinking Skills Assignment

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Objectives of the Assignment
1. To diversify possibilities and options with justification and reasonings in order to finalize a proposal and a prototype based on basic ground done in a previous assignment.

2. To develop creative ideas and further through prototype and present stage.

Learning Outcomes of the Assignment
Upon successful completion of this assignment, students will be able to demonstrate the following;
1. Develop creative ideas to further making of idea prototypes

TASK 1 – (4 pages A4 SIZE)
• Transform + Develop + Revise + Refine
Each student must select ONE (1) SOLUTION + ONE (1) COLLABORATOR (Organizational Body/ Brand/ Project/ Idea/ Product/ Initiative) from previous Assignment 2 in the effort in tackling the assigned topic. Students are to analyse, synthesize and evaluate previous findings, narrowing to THREE (3) prototypes strategies: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. By incorporating these timelines projection, the campaign’s action plan is designed for both short-term effectiveness and long-term sustainability, ensuring it can adapt to changing circumstances and fulfill its mission effectively.

THREE (3) different stages represent milestones or checkpoints in the innovation journey. Innovators can track progress, assess accomplishments, and make informed decisions on the next steps.

The direction of the prototypes: Students are to debate, argue and reason out possible strategies based for the campaign for each timeline’s projection:

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TASK 2 – (2 pages A4 SIZE)
• Conclusion + Implementation
Students are to conclude prototypes which will be their action plan. The implementation of the action plan will be in the form of final guide of digital media brochure. This page should be an infographic that covers the overall strategy of your campaign.

Presentation and publication of the action plan is to be done CONCEPTUALLY* and does not require the students to print the actual brochure. Students are encouraged to use information or data from the previous Assessment 02.
Points to be considered, in the brochure but not limited to :-
● ISSUE – Information on the Precedent/Case Studies
● FACTOR – Causes of the Issue
● IMPACT – Effects and Predictions
● COLLABORATOR – Organizational Body/ Brand/ Project/ Idea/ Product/ Initiative
● STRATEGIES – Concluded Prototypes (3 months / 6 months /12 months)

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