Learning is a relatively continuing product of experiences that come out as a result of the interaction between the individua: Theories and Contemporary Models in Visual Art Education Assignment, BCU, Malaysia

University Birmingham City University (BCU)
Subject Theories and Contemporary Models in Visual Art Education

Learning is a relatively continuing product of experiences that come out as a result of the interaction between the individual and the environment. The concept of learning is of vital importance in terms of explaining human
behaviors. Brain-based learning deals with the concept of learning in a neuro-physiological context of learning.

The brain is the basic factor in learning, so learning is affected by environmental factors, the psychosocial qualities of the individual, and the chemical structure of the organism; and these interactions reflect on the process of learning. Effective teachers never stop considering different ways of methods of teaching to improve student achievement. Each teacher is different from the others in their learning style.

Brain research has provided new knowledge about the many ways that humans learn. Brain-based learning has resulted from educators’ and
researchers put on findings about brain research to guide teaching practice. Brain-based teaching-learning has involved the implementation of designed lesson plan principles and their impact on education before, during, and
after each lesson.

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the brain which is dealing with its structure and function of the brain. Educationists started to comprehend how the brain works. This understanding helps the teacher educators and student teachers how, when and why learning occurs from a psychological perspective.

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