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In today’s professional world, work-life balance has become a vital issue that affects both individual well-being and organizational productivity. Maintaining the delicate balance between one’s personal and professional lives becomes more difficult as career demands increase. This paper explores the complex issues that result from an unbalanced work-life schedule, looking at how it affects people’s mental health, job satisfaction, and general productivity. In addition, the article highlights the critical role that both individuals and organizations must play in resolving this issue and examines various approaches and solutions for promoting a healthier work-life balance.

I have selected the journal “ Work-Life Balance is a Cycle, not an Achievement” by Ioana Lupu and Mayra Ruiz-Castro from Harvard Business Review (1). Academic research as well as business practice both view work-life balance as significantly important. Given that a person’s family and career are the two most significant aspects of their life, research indicates that work-life balance is a key factor in wellbeing. Conflict and a detrimental impact on employees’ wellbeing arise from the conflicting demands of work and family life.

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