HBET2303 The aim of this assignment is to train teachers to provide students with proper feedback on their writing practices: WRITING IN ESL Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject HBET2303 WRITING IN ESL Assignment


The aim of this assignment is to train teachers to provide students with proper feedback on their writing practices.

Part I


  1. You are to look for TEN secondary school students in your family, neighborhood, or among the people you know.
  1. You must obtain the students’ consent for this essay-writing task. If they are not your students, you may be required to seek the permission of their parents too.
  1. Give the 10 students the following essay topic:

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‘Students with Special Needs Should Be Taught in the Same Classroom as Regular Students. Do you agree?’


  1. Get the students to write an essay (between 200 and 250 words) on the above topic.
  2. Compile the TEN essays and mark each of the essays by providing constructive feedback. Should you wish to learn more about constructive feedback, click HERE.
  1. Identify every error that you can notice in the essays.
  2. Provide your feedback on each of the essays based on the following criteria:
  3. Content
  4. Language
  • Organisation
  1. You are to give the students this assignment physically, collect their hard copies, grade them, scan and compile them in a folder and submit them as attachments.
  1. You would earn marks for this assignment only IF your comments/feedback is clearly visible or legible in the essays you submit in the portfolio. Therefore, it is essential that you scan through the essays before you submit them to ensure that all the comments or feedback that you have given is clearly legible.
  1. Also, please ensure that the feedback given in the essays is comprehensive in nature and that every single category (as mentioned in F) is elaborated adequately. Kindly note that students who provide brief comments in the essays will not earn high marks for this assignment.

(Total: 30 marks)


Write a reflective report on the essays that you have graded in Question 1. Include the following items in the content of your report (A comprehensive guideline is provided in the rubric at the end of this assignment):

  1. Your overall experience of grading the essays (your perceptions of the essays produced by students. I.e. Were they good or bad? What was lacking in their essays? What can be done to overcome the shortfalls?)
  2. Your perception of the feedback you have provided your students with (was your feedback constructive? Why do you believe so?)
  • The challenges you faced when providing your students feedback on their essays.
  1. The strategies you can use to improve your way of giving students feedback in the future.

Part II


Discuss the following topic in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

You are given a class of secondary school students with the poorest command of the English language. Discuss TWO activities each that you would conduct with your students to teach them:

  1. Sentence construction skills
  2. Vocabulary skills
  3. Paragraph writing skills

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