FPIT1083: You, as a network engineer, have been required to design a network topology for the company: Introduction to Computer Networks Coursework, TARC, Malaysia

University Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC)
Subject FPIT1083: Introduction to Computer Networks

Tasks’ Requirements

Case Project

A new production company, XYZ, has been introduced in Malaysia. You, as a network engineer, have been required to design a network topology for the company. Design a network topology for the production company that contains four departments, namely production, sales, purchasing and admin departments. The production department consists of 20 hosts, sales department has 15 hosts, purchasing department has 10 hosts
and admin has 12 hosts. Also, wireless connection is available in admin department.

a) What type of network best suits the use case for the above company? Illustrate and explain the logical topology of the network of your design.

b) What are the network equipments required for the above scenario? List and justify.

c) What kind of network topology is most suitable for the above scenario? Explain why.

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