FIT3155: Write a program in C++ to demonstrate your ability to apply stack or queue data structures: Advanced data structures and algorithms Report, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject FIT3155: Advanced data structures and algorithms

1 Bridal Blossoms Tailor

Bridal Blossoms Tailoroffers wedding outfits and tailoring services for both the bride and the groom-to-be. The clothes that they produce for the groom include “bajumelayu”, tuxedo, vest, bow tie and tails, pants, and many more. Whereas for the bride they offer wedding gown, modern “bajukurung”, wedding shawl, and many more. In order to produce tailored outfits that perfectly suit customers’ size, taste, and preference, Bridal Blossoms Tailoralways make sure each of their clothing product has its own specific measurements and price [hints – Allattires’ products have generic measurements depending on the type of clothing, such as tuxedo (material, chest measurement and etc), pants(waistline, length from waist to ankle and etc)].  Hence, Bridal Blossoms Tailor needs a system to record the details of each outfit’s products ordered by customers.  This system also supports tailoring service orders and payment processes.

2 Project Requirements

Write a program in C++ to demonstrate your ability to apply stack or queue data structures, and searching and sorting techniques in designing your solutions. This project is to create a system for New Modern Tailorto to manage their customers’ tailoring requests and keep track of their tailored garments products.  You may reuse the codes created in your previous Assignment or build from scratch for this project.

Your program should meet all the requirements as below:

  • Create a stack or queue using linked-list implementation to support a series of tailoring service requests made by customers.  The user is able to add any type of clothing up to a maximum of 5
  • outfits products in a single order. User is also allowed to delete or edit the current order before the order is finalized
  • Create one (1) or more lists using linked-list implementation to keep track of the details of all the finalized outfits products orders (finalized orders) made by customers.
  • Each finalized order should have and a number and the user is allowed to view all the finalized orders and to view the details of a particular finalized order by searching its order ID number.

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