20 year old college student, Emma was referred to clinic specializing in eating disorders by her concerned family members: Biological Psychology, Coursework, MUM, Malaysia


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biological Psychology

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1. 20 year old college student, Emma was referred to clinic specializing in eating disorders by her concerned family members. Over the past year, Emma’s eating habits had become increasingly erratic, characterized by severe food restriction, obsessive calorie counting, and compulsive exercise routines.

Despite being significantly underweight, Emma perceived herself as overweight and expressed intense fear of gaining weight. She frequently made disparaging comments about her body and experienced feelings of guilt and shame after eating.

Emma’s social life and academic performance had deteriorated as she withdrew from social events and became preoccupied with thoughts about food, weight, and body image. Upon evaluation, Emma was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, accompanied by symptoms of depression and anxiety.

She was admitted to a specialized treatment program involving medical monitoring, nutritional counselling, psychotherapy, and family support to address her eating disorder and related psychological challenges.

1.1 Evaluate the research methods that can be employed to access changes in Emma’s symptoms, behaviors and psychological well-being over the course of treatment.

1.2 Discuss potential avenues for future research based on the insights gained from this case study.

2. You are required to write an analysis of neurobiological structures and functions associated with human emotion and behavior. The following are the deliverables that must be attempted by the students in this assignment. Support your arguments with any relevant examples and review of related literature from reputable and reliable sources.

2.1 Identify and describe the major neurobiological structures implicated in emotion and behavior regulation

2.2 Analyze the specific functions of the identified neurobiological structures in regulating emotions and behaviors. Discuss how these structures contribute to processes such as emotional appraisal, expression, regulation, and decision making.

2.3 Discuss in detail how neurobiological processes interact with cognitive, social and environmental factors to shape emotional experiences and behavioral tendencies.

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