FIN4274: A brief description of what initial public offerings (IPOs) are, the process involved, and the main reasons behind a company: Advance Financial Decision Assignment, HWU, Malaysia

University Heriot-Watt University (HWU)
Subject FIN4274: Advance Financial Decision
  • The requirements of the coursework are as follows:
  1. A brief description of what initial public offerings (IPOs) are, the process involved, and the main reasons behind a company’s decision to go public  Supported by various research literature, critically discuss the short and long-term returns* that can be expected from investments in company IPOs,
  2. assuming that the investor purchased the shares on the day it becomes publicly traded on the stock exchange. Your analysis and discussion here should be supported by relevant statistical data
  3. Discuss ONE (1) example of a company’s shares that have generated above-average long term return since its IPO; likewise, discuss ONE (1) example where a company’s share has generated long-term below-average return since its IPO
  4. Lastly, concerning part (b), critically evaluate whether an investor should invest in company IPOs for both short and long-term time horizons. In addition, provide suggestions on how investors can improve their returns if they decide to invest in IPOs
  • Your report should be well structured, written with clarity, coherent, correctly referenced, and free from grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • To attempt this report successfully, students should collect and collate high-quality data e.g. published financial statements, corporate website info, business news reports, research journal articles, books, etc.
  • Use Harvard Referencing with at least 15 References and In-text citations.

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