Figure 1 shows a circuit consisting of THREE (3) voltage sources and FIVE (5) resistors: Electrical Technology Assignment, UKM, Malaysia


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Electrical Technology

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Question 1

Figure 1 shows a circuit consisting of THREE (3) voltage sources and FIVE (5) resistors.

Electrical Technology Assignment

  • Calculate the amount of current that flows through R4 (3 Ω) in Ampere (A) using Mesh Analysis.
  • Proof your answer in question 1 (a) using Nodal Analysis.

Question 2

Figure 2 shows a circuit that contains ONE (1) voltage source, FOUR (4) resistors and FOUR (4) inductors.

Electrical Technology

  • Determine the total current IT for this circuit in polar form.
  • Determine the phase angle of IT lags the Vs.


Figure 3 shows a Y-connected source driving a Δ-connected load. The load is a balanced load ( Za=Zb=Zc= 15 + j20 Ω).

electrical technology assignment

  • Determine phase voltage Vθb and Vθc in polar form.
  • Determine each line voltage (VL1, VL2, and VL3) in polar form.
  • Determine each load voltage (VZa, VZb, and VZc) in polar form.
  • Determine load current (IZa, IZb, and IZc) in polar form.
  • Determine the total magnitude of true load power (PL(tot)).

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