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web-based obesity intervention

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  • Effectiveness of online obesity management program

Internet-based intervention programs have gained popularity and may be an effective medium in achieving significant weight loss (Neve et al. 2010) and increasing physical activity (Irvine et al. 2011). Conducting an intervention program face-to-face is costly, therefore, it is important to adopt the most cost-effective method (Rusali et al., 2018). Internet-based intervention programs can promote healthy eating and self-regulation, which are crucial in addressing obesity (Magalhães et al., 2020).

The effectiveness of online weight loss programs in managing obesity has been the subject of extensive research. Several studies have evaluated the impact of web-based weight management programs on weight loss and obesity management (Arem and Irwin, 2011; Rusali et al., 2018; Magalhães et al., 2020; Woźniak et al., 2022).

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A study by Woźniak et al. (2022) demonstrated the effectiveness of online-based programs in improving weight management for class 1, 2, and 3 obesity groups. This program effectively reduced their average body weight by 16.6%. The overweight individuals experienced a greater percent in weight loss as a result of a comprehensive lifestyle intervention. Additionally, individuals with obesity, hypertension and type 2-diabetes were significantly reducing weight through online dietary counseling. Similarly, Baer et al.

(2020) found that online weight management programs are effective in helping individuals achieve a weight change of 1.9 kg in online program only group more than the usual care group (1.2 kg). Hendrie et al. (2021) demonstrated that the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Online program was effective for weight loss, particularly for individuals in lower socioeconomic groups, addressing the public health challenge of obesity. These findings are consistent with the notion that web-based health programs are effective in managing obesity, as highlighted by (Park et al., 2021).

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