The program must allow the user to create a maze on the screen by modifying code in the appropriate sections: statistic in educations research Assignment, UKM, Malaysia


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statistic in educations research

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HD Task 8.1 Maze Search
Task: The program must allow the user to create a maze on the screen by modifying code in the appropriate sections. Then, this program will allow you to implement a search using recursion.

To Do
Use the code provided (from this task’s resources) to get started. You must complete the code so that it works as follows:
1. The code in the initialize() procedure of the SDL window should be completed to set up cells that are connected to each other with variables joining each cell to its neighbors (using references).
2. The user should be able to left-click on cells on the screen to create mazes (and later in the Maze Search task we will use recursion to find a path through the maze).
3. Each cell clicked on should turn yellow. A created maze may look something like:

statistic in educations research

4. Once the user has used the Left Mouse Key to create at least one pathfrom one side of the screen to the other, the user should then be able toRight Click the mouse on a yellow cell on the left most side of the screen.
5. The program should then search using the recursive search() function tofind a path to the right side of the screen following one of the user’screated paths.
6. Each cell on the path should then be displayed in red.

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