FBF1163: Presume that your class at UCSI finishes at 6:30 pm and you must travel 6 km to reach your home for dinner: Fundamentals of Programming Assignment, UCSI, Malaysia


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FBF1163: Fundamentals of Programming

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  1. What is my dinner time?

Presume that your class at UCSI finishes at 6:30 pm and you must travel 6 km to reach your home for dinner. You are worn out for the day, so you walk 2 km at (9:30 per km) and then you jog 3 km at (6:12 per km), and then 1 km again by walk. So, by what time will you reach home for dinner. Write the code and print the time you reach home using PyCharm in the format hour, minutes, and seconds.

2. Mr. ABC goes to AEON supermarket for his monthly grocery/provisions purchases. He has purchased the following items:

Design and develop a python code to calculate the total bill amount including the discount for the items purchased. Since ABC was an AEON member, he was given a discount of about 5% on the total bill amount. The output should have the following:

Total no. of items purchased

Cost of each item purchased

Discount applied

The final amount to be paid

3. You have been hired as a python code developer for AMBANK (M) Berhad. The bank manager has requested you to write a program for performing online banking transactions. The requirements of the program are as follows:

Username: “Your name”

Password: “Your StudentID”

No. of attempts: 3

4. After entering the password, a transaction authorization code (TAC) has to be generated, after which validation of the customer has to be completed, and banking options should be made available. If the number of attempts is above 3, then prompt the message as “Invalid user” and exit. The banking options that should be printed after customer validation are:



Make payments

Receive money

4. Presume yourself to be the python developer for UCSI university. Design and develop student enrolment system similar to IIS using lists/dictionary/tuples/sets and functions. The output should show the student list of a particular course along with inclusive operations like adding new admission, deleting students who pass out, and searching for a student based on his/her name.

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