EP322: Figure 1 shows the production of methanol, in which a mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) is reacted: Chemical Process Simulation and Design Report, UCSI, Malaysia

University UCSI University (UCSI)
Subject EP322: Chemical Process Simulation and Design

Figure 1 shows the production of methanol, in which a mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) is reacted to form a methanol product at high pressure. The feed specification is given in Table 1. The pressure drops in all units are neglected. The converter operated adiabatically, and the conversion is 30%, with CO2 being the limiting reactant. The reaction stoichiometry is

CO2 + 3H2 ⇆ CH3OH + H2O

Apply UniSim software to simulate this process and consider using two
thermodynamic models; one is Peng-Robinson and another one to select any
appropriate model available. Write a short report* to include:

• Introduction: determine the assumption and methodology used
• Construction of process flow diagram (PFD)
• Complete stream table (with pressure, temperature, flow rate, and composition)
• Justification on the most appropriate thermodynamic models
• Summary

Short report format: front page with name, ID, and title of the assignment, table of content, list of reference

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