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Human Resource Management

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Each student is required to identify one organization that has a specialized Human Resource Department. The student is required to collect information on the current Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices being implemented by the organization through various methods such as in-depth interviews, document analysis, observations, company website and etc. The student will then need to evaluate the current practices and to propose strategic HRM practices for an organization of their choice.

They need to explore the changing and developing role of HRM practices in providing a corporate and strategic dimension of the organization’s life cycle. Throughout the process, the student will assume the responsibility of the human resource manager in managing human capital effectively through human resource management processes.

(a) Describe the background of the chosen organization.

(b) Analyze the HR planning process of the organization, which may include the strategies in managing employees’ shortages and surplus, and the practice of aggregate planning and/or succession planning.

(c) Analyze the current recruitment and selection of employees in the organization.

(d) Analyze the training and development processes/stages of the organization.

(e) Analyze the employees’ performance management system of the organization.

(f) Propose with justifications and examples at least TWO (2) practices of strategic HRM that could be implemented by the organization.

(g) Prepare a conclusion of the report. The full report must be written with proper organization, format, and no typographical errors.

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