Discuss typical real-time systems, their requirements for asynchronous operation, concurrency, and robustness: Real time Systems Assignment, AUTI, Malaysia

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss typical real-time systems, and their requirements for asynchronous operation, concurrency, and robustness.
  • Design systematic approaches for the conceptualization, specification, and design of real-time systems.
  • Verify appropriate real-time systems scheduling techniques.


Real-time developers have to balance 3 constraints in the quest for timely RT execution, efficiency, predictability, and reliability/robustness.  For this assignment, you are required to investigate how concurrent programming techniques can be used by RT systems designers to address these constraints.

  • You are required to design a simulation to represent a scenario/system of your choosing.  Your design must incorporate appropriate concurrent techniques and make use of RabbitMQ as a messaging service.  It must also include Forward Error Handling in the form of appropriate exception handling.
  • For the 2nd simulation you are required to:
  1. Source two complete simulations from an online source as the basis for your investigation.
  2. Analysis of this code and provide a short commentary on the respective designs.
  3. Benchmark and profile the simulations to establish their baseline RT performance.
  4. Refactor the simulations by applying appropriate concurrent concepts into the design of the simulation – you will be provided 2 sets of code, one per simulation.
  5. Benchmark and profile your changes and compare them to the original code/simulation.

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