BUS7AN: you need to explain the challenges that the leaders are facing: Contemporary Leadership Themes Assignment, WGU, malaysia

University Wrexham Glyndwr University (WGU)
Subject BUS7AN: Contemporary Leadership Themes

Assessment.  This is an individual assignment.

At very short notice, recent events have forced businesses across the globe to change how they work. Many organisations have offered some degree of remote working for a number of years now, but to be in a position where the entire workforce has to suddenly work from home is challenging even for the most prepared of organisations.

Remote working has moved from being ‘flexible working’ and an ‘employee benefit’ to a “must-have,” and at least for the foreseeable this is now the new normal.  The challenges business leaders have in ensuring there is limited disruption to the workplace, and employees continue to be motivated, engaged and supported is paramount to business success.  However, this style of working poses huge challenges to leadership.

Assignment guidelines:

  1. Explain the challenges leaders face due to ongoing remote working in an organisational setting.
  2. Evaluate traditional leadership traits and practices, and critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each of those styles has when leading teams and projects remotely, explaining the positive impact they have on performance. (LO1)
  3. Compare and contrast your findings with more contemporary leadership styles and traits, and critically examine – from both an academic and practical perspective – whether both traditional and contemporary leadership have a role within organisations when leading teams and projects remotely to meet strategic business objectives. Propose suitable leadership solutions that you believe will achieve the required organisational results and provide a supporting rationale. (LO2)
  • Introduction

You need to state the organization that you will be assessing in relation to a particular country that the organization is operating in. The reason for the chosen company should be clearly stated (i.e., the nature of the organisational operations, and the remote working practices as essential aspects of the organisational life) as well as be sure that the company does practice remote working.

The objectives of the report should be clearly stated.

  • Challenges

Based on the selected organization, you need to explain the challenges that the leaders are facing. You may provide 2-3 specific examples with the peer-review journal literature support.

You may also explain on how the leadership style is able to handle these challenges which later there will be a further elaboration in the section 3.0.

  • Evaluation of the traditional leadership traits and practices

3.1 You may identify what is the traditional leadership styles that is being practiced by the organization.

3.2 You need to critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each style that you have indicated when the leaders are using them in leading the teams and projects remotely.

3.3 You may also indicate what is the positive impact that these styles have on the leading organisational performance.

  • Contemporary leadership styles and traits

List at least 2 types of contemporary leadership styles and critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of it.

You will also need to compare and contrast (1) the traditional leadership vs (2) the contemporary leadership, and ensure that you compare it from the perspective of leading teams and projects remotely (remote working).

Lastly, propose suitable leadership solutions that can help to achieve the required organizational results that you have chosen and provide a supporting rationale. This should also from the perspective of remote working.

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