BUS7AQ: Detail how you would set about managing change in a small traditionally based SME family business in food manufacturing: Creative Change Assignment, WGU, Malaysia

University Wrexham Glyndwr University (WGU)
Subject BUS7AQ: Creative Change

Assignment 1:

Detail how you would set about managing change in a small traditionally based SME family business in food manufacturing (making simple bakery products) employing just over a 100 people. They are currently losing money but have a reputation for quality.

Define how should they tackle innovation & technology threats from larger organisations such as developments in producing standard bakery products to highly creative cakes and artesian breads.

Discuss what initiatives can the baker learn from organisations such as Greggs and in-house bakers at the various supermarkets.

Provide a clear, structured presentation which illustrate the development in creative thinking and the changes within the commercial organisation using theoretically discussion and critical thinking skills.

You can choose any small traditionally based SME family company in food manufacturing (making simple bakery products) employing just over a 100 people. Short background context of the company should be given. Identify why your chosen company is losing money but have a reputation of quality. How do you achieve successful change management in a SME environment?

The objectives of this presentation should be clearly stated.

  • Strategy for Change Management

Based on your selected company of a small traditional based SME family business in food manufacturing (making simple bakery products), you are to demonstrate how the changes in the marketplace over the past 5 years have influenced their existing product range/product mix.

This implies that you should do extensive research on internal and external environment of SME family business in food manufacturing (making simple bakery products) to know what triggers organisational change.

Your task is to propose a clear strategy for change management framework within the SME with examples justified with theoretical dialogue (various strategy for change management perspectives, tools, models and theories should be adopted in the process of discussing the strategy for change management framework).

  • New Innovation(s) and adoption of Technology to tackle Threats from Larger


Your task is to explain clearly how you are tackling innovation and technology threats from larger organizations. In fact, one of the best ways to do this is to drive creative change of new innovation (s) and technology. In the process of change, evaluate the suitability of new innovation(s) and technology within the context of the company

This creative change of new innovation (s) and technology allows you to gain a competitive edge on your bakery products and form the core of your strategy that steer the company forward.

  • Evaluation of Initiatives Learnt from a comparison between Greggs and In-house Bakers

Your task

Your task is to conduct adequate research before you start writing this section. This research involves an analysis of comparison areas between Greggs and in-house bakers of various supermarkets. The type of analysis tools can be models and theories.

In your research, attempt to analyse all initiatives from the website of Greggs (https://www.greggs.co.uk/) You are to conduct further research from further in-house bakers at supermarkets in a similar vein. Discuss the findings of the evaluation from your analysis.

Propose the key suitable initiatives from the findings to be adopted/adapted in the context of your chosen company. In other words, you cannot simply imitate what your competitors are doing even though you can use them for reference.

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