Brief description of the system and the specific typical organizations which will use it: Integrative Programming, APU, Malaysia


Asia Pacific University (APU)

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Assignment Type

Individual Assignment


Integrative Programming

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Scope of Work You are, uired to provide the following information to your tutor by Week 4:

  •  A brief description of the system and the specific/typical organization(s) which will use it.
  • Analysis class diagram (i.e., with data fields and the relationship between entity classes).
  • The module(s) handled by each team member

Each student should be responsible for:

a. The implementation of at least one entity class and one security class

b. The design and implementation of at least one module of the system which includes the use of all the following technologies/elements:

  • PHP and MySQUMariaDB
  • Design patterns
  • Secure coding practices
  • XML, XSLT, and XPath

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